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Top 5 Trending Mobile Application Categories in 2017

Top 5 Trending Mobile Application Categories in 2017

Thursday June 01, 2017,

3 min Read

In today's mobile world, with the availability of vast and advanced mobile platforms such as Android and ios, offers Mobile application developers a variety of feature rich and innovative mobile apps making people to make their work more quickly and easily. In each and every field ranging from business, banking, education, entertainment, health care there are numerous number of application categories that helps users to select their preferred apps on Play store.

Both Android and ios consistently occupies their development platform that makes Mobile app development companies to develop more advanced apps. 

Here I have listed the top trending Mobile app categories of 2017

Mobile app Categories

Mobile app Categories

1. Gaming Apps

Based on a survey, Game category is one among the most profitable and popular app Category. Gaming apps has more app engagement. Games like War - Fire Age, Clash of clans generated profit of around 1.2 million US$/day. Gaming applications generate revenues in- game item purchase. Crashland,Pokemon, and much more game apps makes this category to be in trending.

2. Business Apps

By understanding the usage and benefits of Mobile apps now a days all types of businesses are started rushing towards developing mobile apps for their business. Thus, Business applications become the most trending category. Small business apps, Enterprise apps, Cloud based apps, Hybrid apps and more mobile apps offer business to reach their next level.

3. Social Media Apps

Social Media apps like Facebook,Twitter, Linkedin,Quora and more popular apps holding good positions in Playstore. The feature the look of app and website design of Facebook to reach millions of people to use and download. Since smartphones usage have become more users prefer to use apps for social media instead of using websites. They can get connected with all their social contacts via this social media.

4. Messaging apps

Messaging apps or communication apps is one of the top trending apps of 2017. Apps such as whatsapp, Telegram,Snapchat are some of the most popular messaging apps. The reason behind this popularity is that its advanced features like chatting, voice and video call, free availability makes users to communicate more quickly,easily and efficiently. An app should have an regular updation in its features to reach more.

5. Shopping Apps

Shopping apps like Flipkart,Amazon, and many more apps having a huge part in increasing mobile app trends, These shopping apps makes users to shop their needed things in their preferred locations by just downloading the apps. With the features like categories, special discounts, festive offers attracts the customers to make shopping over their apps.

Moreover, apps like Paytm,Uber,Navigation apps, Google Wallet are also on more demand and popularly used by smartphone users. Some of the next level mobile app trending categories are,




Travel and many more.

Mobile apps reached its level in almost all sector. One of the latest trend nowadays are developing mobile apps for each and every business ranging from small to large and this helps business to reach their target customers directly.