That turning point in my life

Saturday May 20, 2017,

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Have you ever wondered that something in life happens which transforms the rest of our life. Something, which might even occur so accidently that even that one moment could turn on the rest of our life. 

Well in my first article, I am gonna tell about a small thing which happened in my life which changed into passion for me.

I believe that this small thing could let you to know that everything happens for the reason and you dont know when it could change the rest. 

While it was on my tenth std during the time when the board examination where at stack. It is usually the most crucial period for any student at that time. It was in the year 2011, during the month of March, we had our board examination. 

While at the end of February, my school had the Annual Day event in which I have been asked by my school director to anchor the event. Well, I was pretty frightened that how being stressed up, I would be able to anchor the annual day event. I didnt knew how my school director discovered my potential, but he boosted me so nicely that, I anchored the Annual day event along with my friend. Well this does seems very big at this point but it gradually changed my life. Lemme elaborate you how it happened. 

After entering my eleventh std, I started to participate in anchoring and organizing events. It gave me confidence and boosted my energy. Well after completion of my 12th grade, I joined K.L.N.College of Engineering, Madurai (Tamil Nadu) one of the well known colleges in Tamil Nadu.

After completion of 12th std, I thought my journey of anchoring would end up but fortunately it continued. In my college, I started taking part in organizing any event in my college. It was during my second and third year after continued participation in organizing, I came to realize that 

This organizing has turned into a passion in my life.

Almost all events in my department happened, I have been the core member who is involved in organizing. 

Organizing not only develops your social infrastructure but it also boost your leadership qualities.

Today I been one of that 4000 students in my college,I have been well known in my college because of my volunteering in every event and also organizing it. Though getting well known is not a big factor but when I look back that first day when I anchored the annual day, I didnt knew that this would change my life by inculcating the passion in me. 

Last but not the least, I would say that, in life 

"Everything happens for a reason, you dont know which one moment could be the turning point in your life."

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