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5 webmarketing tools essential for your start-up

5 webmarketing tools essential for your start-up

Thursday April 06, 2017,

6 min Read

You are about to launch your business, and you’re wondering, at what place your internet marketing should be? Only one answer to that: No. 1!


If you do not bet on online marketing from the start, you have no chance to stand out among the swarm of start-ups that emerge every day. Are you determined to get started and shine on the internet? Perfect. So take a look at these 5 web marketing levers on which you should bet.

5 trending web marketing tools essential for your start-up

A Good and well planned web marketing is essential to quickly develop your visibility. In fact, it's pretty simple. Your website is a bit the heart of your marketing strategy. But beyond being on-line, you need to engage in dialogue, building a relationship with your audience to convert it. In addition to your site, you will have to operate several additional levers, which will serve to optimize your conversion rate.

• Search Engine Optimization

• The company blog

• Partnerships on the web

• The mailing

• The community management

Let’s analyze each of these tools in detail?

1. Organic referencing

The goal of SEO is to position your site on the top of Google search results, ensuring maximum visibility. Because, to sell your products, you have to be visible! This tool is therefore a prime lever to keep in mind.

So concretely, how does it work? In fact, it goes through several things. First, your site must be optimized so that Google does not have a problem scanning it. So you must have: a site with clear menus and content, not too overloaded, and responsive (that, Google likes). On top of that, you have to position yourself on keywords. These will define the universe of your site that Google will have to take into account.

Advice: Focus on long-tail keywords! That is, more specific. This will bring you more targeted and therefore more qualified traffic. For example, people who type "buy mattresses online" are more reliable than those who type "mattresses". By specifying this, you put all the chances on your side to differentiate you from other start-ups but also increase your conversion rate.

2. The corporate blog

When you start, you need prospects. And to have prospects, you have to find a concrete acquisition channel. And guess what? For that, a company blog is really top!

You produce and offer free informative and entertaining content to your visitors, who do not commit to anything. As a result, you generate much more traffic than if you were a commercial site. The scheme is simple:

Internet users will walk around on your blog. If your content is of quality, they will be tempted to go and see what happens on your site. They will then discover your company, and your products. Not bad is not it? In any case, much more effective than traditional communication channels.

Especially in addition to that, your articles make you gain credibility, and bring a human dimension to your brand. What more?

Advice: In terms of blogging, several good practices are to be kept in mind. In particular: vary the contents! A varied content strategy will keep your audience interested. A second tip? Publish regularly! Hence, you will maximize your visibility, and will remain present in the mind of your audience. A good way to optimize your conversion rate!

3. The guestblogging

This is a webmarketing concrete. The principle? Establish a partnership with high-audience companies in your industry to publish content at home (or vice versa).

In this way, you benefit from the visibility of the site in question. But not only! You also gain in credibility since you write for big boss(and it's not nothing, when you start). In addition, the deal often includes the ability to integrate direct links to your site. Not bad for acquiring link juice for SEO purpose! In short, thanks to the guest blog, you stand out from the other start-ups of the sector.

Oh yes, and on top of that, it's a very good way to expand your professional network. And, as we know, that networking is life.

Tips: You can get started in the guestblogging before you even start your site. In this way, you will already have a minimum of notoriety when you launch your site. The guestblogging will benefit you, both in terms of credibility, and visibility.

4. The mailing

One of the successful web marketing practice is: the mailing. The ultimate advantage of this tool is that it allows you to segment your audience based on its features, and personalize your messages for even greater impact. Do you want to reach only women who have made a first purchase at home? Easy! Segment your mailing list, and you're done.

And it's much more effective than a traditional pub on a billboard! We know how many people saw the message, opened it and when. It is therefore much simpler to optimize your conversion rate! With a mailing, it will be easy for you to measure the results of your campaign, and all that, at a lower cost.

To launch (and even after), this tool is therefore an indispensable. Do not zap it anyway!

Tips: mailings can serve a whole host of other purposes. Used in your customer loyalty process, they will allow you to stay in the minds of customers and establish a relationship with them.

5. Community management

Once you are visible on the web, you will have to build your brand image, and frankly engage in dialogue with your audience. We must get out of the shadows! For that, social networks are essential.

They will allow you to amplify and manage your brand identity. Get closer to your audience, and therefore better understand it. A real asset when you start! In addition to that, you gain inevitably in visibility.

Advice: As a start-up, your audience expects you to be close to it (at least more than a big brand). So, be as much as possible available to interact with your subscribers, and share regularly. The relationship you are going to build is going to be essential for the pursuit of your business. So the sooner you start, the better!

To conclude…

At the sight of these 5 levers, you should normally have clearer ideas on how to proceed. For the rest, it's up to you to play!

Have you just embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure? Tell us your experience or ask any questions! 

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