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How to Learn Advanced Digital Marketing for Free?

Oh! I am Sure, You know about Off-Page, On-Page SEO. Social Media and Facebook Insights but I am afraid to say that it is not enough!

Saturday October 28, 2017,

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Digital Marketing

It is making waves around the globe. They say I have always been outspoken about how every Marketing Graduate without Digital Skills will face the anguish of the employers sitting in the cushy buildings waiting for their prince charming to work on the digital marketing project their company has bagged. I will focus on Advanced Digital Marketing in this article.

Advanced Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing? Why you should never ignore it? 

In my understanding, Digital Marketing is the promotion of product or service organically (free) and paid with the support of internet connected devices. It involves the understanding of Search Engines, Social Media Platforms, and other interesting entities like earning through influencer marketing visa social media. 

Why Advanced Digital Marketing?

Some of you may note that I mentioned advanced in my title. To sort out the confusion, understanding of Digital Jargons like SEO and PPC and Google Adwords is not enough to succeed in the industry. There has been a cut-throat competition and whatever you think you know is already excelled by many. This piece is not to scare the shit out of anybody but to remind that we need to learn the skills that will bring in the moolah for our companies and infuse peace in our soul.

I am mentioning the most in-demand skills and hyperlinking those all which will keep you ahead of that douche bag sitting next to you in the interview:

1) Be a T-Shaped Marketer: No, You don’t have to join the Yoga classes to turn yourself into a T-Shaped. The idea of thinking you like that makes me giggle. Okay, Let's get back to business, T shaped Marketer is the one that possesses the knowledge of every field related to Digital Marketing like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

For instance, My favorite module that I practice on my blog is content writing and SEO but as soon as I tap that Publish Post Button, I need to know how many visitors watched my post. Which device did they use to come to my blog How much time did they spend?

The answers to these questions will determine the success of those blog posts. Also, it will help me in creating a future strategy. It will be possible if you spend time honing up Analytical Tools like Google Analytics.

So if I chose to ignore them, I am good for nothing and no company will want to pay me for nothing.

Advanced Digital Marketing

How to learn Advanced Digital Marketing:

Step-1 Set Up a Blog or website. Read: How I Setup my Blog in a Day?

Step-2 Start writing 2-3 blog posts.

Step-3 Experiment with Google Analytics, Enroll in SEMrush Academy by clicking here. Use SEO Audit Tools like SEMrush.com, Email Marketing. How to increase your subscriber list. Explore!

2) Technical SEO: Oh yes. You are aware of the word limit in the Meta Title and Meta Description. You also have an understanding of installing greatest Plugins. Though, It is good to know the basics but Google will keep you on your toes by changing its ranking factors very now and then.

The ranking factor is what Google uses to determine which web page should come first if someone searches for a term relevant to your blog posts. Guess, how many factors do they consider? TOO-Hundred.

Yes, learn about those 200 hundred factors. Optimize them to make it work for you.

To be more clear, Learn about HTTP/ HTTPs and the impact they may have on your/ client’s ranking.

How to install SSL certificate? Get your Free SSL Certificate here

How to implement SEO changes using Google Tag Manager?

How to use Google Search Console?

3) Learn a skill that not many have learned: People seeking a career in Advanced Digital Marketing start learning SEO and move on to Social Media ignoring the other significant fields.

Your chances of promotion would have been better only if you knew:

How to run A/B Testing

Explore Dynamic Remarketing

How to set up conversion tracking.

It is a universally accepted fact that Scarcity of Supply can boost the demand. Going by that logic, research an advanced digital marketing skill that is partially difficult. Hone up and get ahead. Yes, You are welcome.

4) Personal Branding is Vital:

Candidate: Sir, I am an expert in Facebook Marketing. I also have certifications and I can increase your companies Facebook likes.

Interviewer: Show me your online presence.

Candidate: Sir, actually I don’t have any…

Let me take you to the conclusion of this story. The interviewer showed him the door. I know you guessed it the same. So, what is the lesson here? Create your presence before you go to create someone else’s. You may do that by writing a Blog or a Youtube Channel. Merely, creating it won’t do the trick, create content about a topic that you love or passionate about. It could be anything.

Bring Traffic to that medium, Set up SSL certificate. Integrate your Email Marketing tools like MailChimp, Experiment with SEO, Content, Look for Analytics, try to generate leads. This will not only develop the actual skills required but also infuse the confidence when you speak in front of the future employer.

5) Follow Blogs: Okay, reading blogs may sound boring and not useful but take that in writing from me. Those blogs will help you with insights, tip, and tricks of the trade in Advanced Digital Marketing which will save you from committing some serious mistakes.

Blogs by Advanced Digital Marketing Pro like Neil Patel at neilpatel.com and Rand of Moz.com have put together a lot of hard work which is available free to consume. You can also take online lessons from Hubspot Academy. They have curated brilliant content covering the various subjects:

Inbound Marketing

Email Marketing

Content Marketing

After completion of the course, you stand a chance to take an online examination and achieve a certificate which has international recognition.

6) Join the best Institute: I am aware of the fact that so much content is available online but it becomes overwhelming without a fair guidance. You start with one website and end up opening dozens of Tabs in an hour. It is an ocean of knowledge and you will feel lost at times.

It is essential for those bunch of passionate future experts to enroll in an advanced Digital Marketing classroom training where they under the guidance of certified professionals learn the skills. Institutes also provide Live Projects that give the candidate the practical exposure.