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How This Chennai Based Startup Is Changing B2B Payment Model

Digital Payment is the core of any business nowadays, and it is a mandate in today’s digital world

How This Chennai Based Startup Is Changing B2B Payment Model

Wednesday June 03, 2020,

5 min Read

With increased growth in digital companies, the payment also needs to be swift. In this internet, selling and buying is an ongoing process, and all the sectors, including the B2B industry, have become extremely tech-savvy. In this, payment gateways are the best solutions for all the transactions, and it is the most-trusted method to get the payments for the services rendered. Those who know how to have the best payment gateway vouch for it. In this context, PaySharp is the next best solution for B2B payment gateway. It is consumer-friendly and cost-effective too. 

PaySharp makes sure that your business blossoms with swift payment and lesser charges for the B2B sector. 

With the higher ticket in the B2B retail sector, the payment gateway must provide easier and secure solutions.

Paysharp leaders in B2B payment gateway by kartika sharma


Here I am providing you with more insights about Paysharp, and it’s founder along with the vision and mission. 


Let’s learn more about the Founder - Krishna Kumar Mani

Krishna kumar mani - Founder of paysharp


I am a serial entrepreneur, and PaySharp is my third startup. Earlier co-founded two startups in online assessment and hyperlocal industry. Sathish is my Co-Founder and CTO, and we know each other for more than seven years.

Sathish Kumar - Founder Paysharp


Which payment gateways are necessary in today's world and how swiftness of payment gateway helps in generating higher revenues?


Payment gateways almost used in all B2C business, but most B2B business stays away from payment gateways due to higher transaction charges, because payment gateway charges in certain percentage per transaction, in B2B business ticket size, is oversized. Hence, transaction charge is very high for example B2B payment ticket size as 2 Lac if they pay 2% per transaction charge they have to pay around INR 4000 per marketing, so they were mostly not using payment gateways. The  PaySharp provides fixed-fee payment gateway for B2Bs which does not charge based on transaction value, charge only a small flat fee of INR 25 or less per transaction no upper limit, transaction value can be INR 20,000 or 2 Lac or 10 Lac or higher, charge is flat.

It is more than 20X cheaper than other payment gateways 



What is the uniqueness about PaySharp?


Our uniqueness is our killer pricing model, a fixed fee per transaction, others payment gateways are charging in percentage-based pricing. We are charging a fixed flat fee. We also do the same working day settlement whereas other payment gateway takes T+3 days to do settlement.


Who are your competitions, and how are PaySharp  better than them?


There are numerous payment gateways in today's market. Many payment gateways are Consumer-centric, that means  B2C focused. There is quite less number of B2B payment solutions.  So, we don’t have direct competitors. Again we have an advantage over the pricing part also as we have kept extremely low pricing of payment transfer which is adaptive to the B2B retail model.


Being an entrepreneur, what challenges do you face?


Honestly speaking,  Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey we don’t know how long it takes to reach the destination.  Sometimes we don’t see the goal because the destination will change due to pivot ;). As an entrepreneur, you should learn to enjoy the challenging journey rather than the destination.




How technology is impacting India around, and how payment gateways like PaySharp are changing the shopping experience of B2B eCommerce?


In India, E-Commerce payments modes initially cash on delivery dominated the payment methods then the customer habits changed to debit cards payments. Now, UPI is dominating the market share in B2C payments.

But in  B2B payments, NEFT / RTGS are primary payment modes, Pay sharp powering the checkout with payment methods like NEFT / RTGS / IMPS payments and automating the reconciliations and completing the order without manual efforts.


How hard is it to have a work-life balance as a startup founder, and how do you manage it?


As a serial entrepreneur, we see work-life balance as work is life, holidays are for employees we founders work almost all days. I want to quote it, for an incubator who o incubated my previous startup. During the orientation session they told, you have to inform your family members you are doing a startup, work more than anything, so ask them to understand.

Luckily we are blessed with good family members.


What were the hurdles PaySharp faced during the development of technology?

We are working with payments, so we want to choose the right tools and vendors carefully, we tried many tools and evoluted many platforms and carefully picked the right ones, it delayed our development and launch, but it is necessary.


Where will you see PaySharp in five years from now?

We are continuously innovating new things in B2B payments, and soon want to be a leader in B2B payments.



With the promising future, it is time to wrap up the article. It was nice interacting with Mr Krishna Mani Kumar and company’s co-founder Mr Sathish. Indeed, PaySharp is adding value to the B2B retail sector by providing an easy and secure payment gateway.Mr. Krishna firmly believes that time is money, and he values the B2B industry and its contribution in the growth of Indian Industrial Sector. Though the payment solution in the B2B sector presents a substantial opportunity, the payment solutions are lagging.  So, Paysharp is the most trusted payment solution for you.