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Comprehensive Motivational Upliftment Helpful Guidelines

"Taught time shall pass, all you need is the right guidance to walk you through" - Thomas N Salzano

Comprehensive Motivational Upliftment Helpful Guidelines

Monday June 08, 2020,

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In tough times, all you need is some source of motivation that fills your mind with positive thoughts of better tomorrow, says Thomas N Salzano, a motivational speaker. Motivation is a powerful key that makes the worst situation better and changes your way of dealing with the current situation.

Motivation is not just about reading positive quotes or listening to a motivational speech but finding your own ways to make an attempt to make things better. As we all know sitting back and thinking won’t help, overthinking will bring negative thoughts but your efforts to make this better is what will help you the most.

Motivational speakers like Thomas Salzano make a number of attempts to bring back the motivation in one’s life, by guiding them and sharing with them the situations, stories, examples where motivation actually played an important role.

This article will talk about:

●    How to make motivation a habit?

●    Ways to get through a tough time.

●    How to Motivate your kids?

●    Motivational Theories

So let’s get started.

How to make motivation a Habit?

1)   The reality is you need to figure out what makes you happy or motivated. For some, it may be their passion and for others, it could be their children. The best trick here is to write a note to yourself almost every day. It's kind of like writing a diary that makes you feel motivated when you read your goals or read about the achievements in the diary.

2)   Mental fitness and physical fitness play an important role in your life. The more you engage yourself in productive activities there are very low chances of you to feel depressed.

3)   You need to practice these self-motivational steps every day, not only during your tough days. This means you need to take out some time for yourself every-day and count your happiness, not your sorrows. So that when things go wrong in life you know what blessings you have already received and pull yourself together to perform better.


Ways to Get Through Tough Times

1)   Talk about it

You need to talk about your problems with others to find a solution or better suggestions. Keeping your troubles to yourself kills your willingness which is why people feel less loved and wanted. So if you are dealing with a tough time, make sure you talk to someone about it. This is the first step to motivation and positive thinking.

2)   Prioritize self-care

Generally, during tough times we ignore our health and later lead to health issues. This is the reason why even if things get better we are unable to contribute. So if you are dealing with any tough situation in your life “DO NOT” compromise with your health. A fit body fights back better.

3)   Practice “Acceptance”

You need to accept what life offers you. You as a human can not control everything around you, but you can control your thoughts. So the best lessons to learn for tough situations are learning to accept reality and the situation. Motivation is the second step after acceptance.

4)   Ak for Help if needed

You know that a helping hand is always considered as a blessing. If you are stuck in a tough situation then asking for help is a good option instead of troubling yourself more by hesitating.

How to Motivate Your Kid?

Kids these days go through a lot in terms of studies, family pressure, and self-doubt. When we talk about motivation we need to talk about the kids first as they are the ones who find it hard to find the right direction.

1)   Engage in meaningful conversation with your kids

You as a parent need to have meaningful conversations with your kids from time to time explaining and teaching them lessons of life. Listen to their version of the story and then give suggestions. Do not push your decisions or thoughts on them, this might frustrate them. Kids generally feel depressed about things that may not be a major issue for you as an adult but you need to make them understand that “This is part of life, this shall also pass, I am here for you, we will fight this together.”

2)   Embrace imperfections

No one is perfect and that’s fine. This is an important point for all those parents that have kids with special conditions. There will be times when your kid will feel left out or be judged by others. You need to stand strong in such times and embrace their imperfections. If you make them feel okay about the condition they are dealing with, and manage to develop the feeling of acceptance in them. You have achieved a lot as a parent.

3)   Work on their Capabilities and lead by examples

Now, this can be tough but not impossible. You need to identify your kid’s abilities and work on improving them. You as a parent can guide your kid better than anyone else. But if you find this hard to do, you have an option to reach out for help from mentors or school teachers.

Theories of Motivation

1)   Drive Theory of Motivation

As per this theory, people take initiatives to overcome the internal tension that is making them feel low.

2)   Arousal Theory of Motivation

As per this theory, people take certain steps or actions to increase or decrease the level of arousal. If the level of arousal is high, you will try to calm yourself down. On the other hand, if the level of arousal is low you might feel like reading a motivational book to boost yourself.

3)   Humanistic Theory of Motivation

A better explanation is illustrated in Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The theory states that people have strong cognitive reasons to perform various tasks to achieve a goal.

4)   Expectancy Theory of Motivation

This theory explains the expectations of a person from the future or the present. This is related to the prediction that a person makes that boosts their confidence if the prediction is positive.

These were a few motivational theories related to motivation. There are other theories too like “A word from very well” and “Instinct Theory of Motivation.”


This is a simple guide to motivation shared by Thomas Salzano, a motivational speaker. He believes that it’s only you who can motivate yourself, others like him can guide you how. So next time you feel demotivated just search for ways to be motivated, share your experience with others and be a guiding light for them too.