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15 Content marketing tips for more traffic

15 Content marketing tips for more traffic

Sunday July 26, 2020,

7 min Read

With the entire world inclining towards online revolution, there exist more than a billion websites on the world wide web. But have you ever wondered which practices are constantly driving online businesses to be successful?

Now, you will find this question to be debatable because there are numerous strategies that can work for you; be it SEO, social networks, or something else. But, what is common in every platform is a content marketing strategy.

Here’s another question you need to ask yourself: do you know where the content marketing industry is heading and how? Because if not, then my friends, you may fail to plan a good content marketing strategy for your growth.

Lending you a handful of great content marketing tips which will help you skyrocket your business sales with engaging content.

Read to know these 15 fantastic content marketing tips to drive more traffic to your platform.

1. Create a content marketing plan

Can just penning down your thoughts as a content writer make you the best blogger of the current time? Just give a thought! I hope we are on the same page and if yes, then you might have come to know that just starting a blog and publishing it won’t be of any good.

You ought to have a great content marketing plan to be fortunate with content marketing campaigns. Planning and researching go hand-in-hand and include conclusive details regarding the targeted audience, niche, accurate stats related to the type of content, and the marketing platforms to reach the audience.

Said that you would be astonished to know that 42% of B2B businesses report that their content marketing efforts are effective whereas 16% are failing.

2. Publish evergreen content

There is no shortcut to long term success in terms of content marketing. Evergreen content is the crucial strategy to achieve a victory which has no second replacement.

Here’s what we mean by evergreen content:

  • It should be unique and simple.
  • It should be audience-engaging and useful.
  • It should be relevant, thorough, and detailed.
  • It should be title-focused and should not include unnecessary content.
  • Statistics and graphics can do wonders.
  • It should be searchable(this means to write about topics that people search on Google)

3. Publish “X vs Y” posts

Audiences often indulge in “X vs Y” posts, which automatically reduce your website’s bounce rate. Usually, those who land on Google in search of comparison posts must be already knowing the basics about the keywords; so the content they require is crisp and to-the-point.

Therefore, the reach of such posts is much higher as compared to others as the human mindset craves to know what makes something better and why.

4. Link your social profiles in the outreach emails

59% of B2B marketers consider outreach email marketing as the most effective form of outbound marketing in the present era. Thus, these figures may rise by simply adding the links to your social media profile under your email signatures.

A survey conducted by Backlinko in association with Pitchbox suggests that with 10 million outreach emails with the social profile links increased response rates up to 9% with Instagram being the highest clicked link.

5. Go for the PBC formula in the post

The first paragraph of your blog post is not just an introduction but plays a crucial role in pushing the reader to enter into your blog. Usually, lengthy introductions are not suitable for blog posts and bore the reader.

Therefore, the best trick to grab the user’s attention is going for the “PBC formula”. Now, let’s understand what it means:

P=> Preview: It depicts what your blog is all about.

B=> Benefits: Enlist how your blog post is going to benefit the users.

C=> Call To Action: Lines like “Let’s Dive Into It” will cap things off.

6. Write about the trending topics

Think before you choose the topic for writing. Ask yourself: Do people want to read it? Is there any connection between the subject with the current scenario? Is it in trend? Is there already enough content about the topic?

And thereby, after a bit of introspection and research, you will have a topic that is in trend and has a competition that doesn’t seem to be unbeatable. After conclusive research, go for writing the content.

7. Publish power posts

Every enterprise inclines towards social media for content marketing. The blogs which are more socially shared or perform excellently, we refer to them as “Power Posts”. There’s no trick behind writing the power posts; all you need to do is be specific, unique, and write what you want to read as a user.

72% of B2B marketers consider generating engaging content to create a great blog post as the biggest challenge, and it in fact is difficult.

8. Include native content with social shares

With 90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of Baby Boomers active on social media users, it becomes imperative to share your content on social media. But, gone are the days when a simple line and a CTA used to increase your social media engagement.

With the emerging trends, platforms like Facebook are burying off the content that is sending their users off the platform. So, just a little native content that adds life to your link and makes it snackable for the respective platform and user.

9. Use padlock posts

Experimenting is the key to making a good content marketing strategy. Including “Padlock posts” into your platform is one such great experiment. Padlock posts are the posts that only email subscribers are authorized to read.

Thus, you get more subscribers to your platform.

10. Include the target keyword in your URL

The inclusion of the target keyword in the URL helps you increase your CTR (Click-Through-Rate) approximately by 45%. This means including the target keyword in the URL is not only a proper on-page SEO technique but also a great way to increase your revenue.

Instant tip: If not the exact keyword as the title and blog post, go for the alternative that is close enough to the keyword in the URL, it will also serve the purpose.

11. Go for the blog post templates

What will you prefer: Designing the template again and again or Just writing the post in a pre-defined template for the same type?

I guess most of you will prefer pre-defined templates, especially in the case of the same type of content. Using templates helps you scale your content publishing as you need not start from scratch.

All you need to do is write and publish the blog, which will automatically help you publish more blogs than the number you were posting earlier.

12. Optimize content around brand keywords

Brand keywords refer to your brand or product name. Stuffing your content with brand keywords is another excellent practice of good content marketing.

For instance: “BuzzSumo” is a brand keyword that usually gets 49k searches per month according to Ahrefs, but when we talk about its keyword difficulty, it comes to be 13 which is very low.

Hence, you must have understood what role the brand keywords play in content marketing.

13. Use compelling meta descriptions

Google has nothing to do with your meta descriptions. The compelling meta descriptions are for the users. Comprehensive and coherent meta descriptions push the users to click on your link. You can follow a template which:

  • First addresses what the user is looking for
  • Then a crisp detail on what your content includes
  • Then a CTA

14. Be consistent in publishing

Other than publishing accurate and unique content, there exist three c’s that are “Consistency, Consistency, Consistency” which have become mandatory for better content marketing. For being consistent in content publishing, it’s better you prepare and stringently follow the publishing calendar.

Publishing the content consistently is an incentive as:

  • Your social media visits increase
  • Your visitor engage more in your platform
  • Get more visits from your newsletter and RSS feed

15. Write longer headlines

Longer headlines are the best way to get more social shares on your content as suggested by a survey conducted by BuzzSumo. Long headlines consisting of 80 or more characters have 76% more shares than content with shorter headlines.