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Coronavirus blessing in disguise for early-stage startups

Coronavirus blessing in disguise for early-stage startups

Thursday April 16, 2020,

4 min Read

Coronavirus pandemic has caused the world to turn upside down. In a way it has forced the world to stop or we can say has paused the world for time being. Which could be good as well bad depending upon how we are utilizing it. This pandemic has granted we busy humans with time that we were not able to get due to our busy schedule. Although the government had taken measures to keep India immune to COVID-19 but unfortunately we have to deal with it now. The government, the health professional and others who are capable are working towards finding ways to overcome or to deal with this unfortunate situation and the startups are also playing an important role in it.

The Startups in India are also helping in fighting pandemic in many ways be it creating a tracking App for it, producing masks, providing tissues and sanitizers, delivering food or groceries to the people in need. They are trying to help in ways that are  innovative, efficient and effective during these unfortunate times.For example, with increasing demand for home deliveries of fresh produce and staples, Gurugram-headquartered foodtech unicorn Zomato has introduced grocery delivery services. 

Coronavirus blessing in disguise for early stage startups


Even when India was not largely affected by pandemic many startups started taking precautionary measures already and had made themselves ready for the worst be it providing sanitizers or tissues or introducing “NO HANDSHAKE” policy or social distancing or starting WORK FROM HOME.

It's true that the small and medium-sized companies in India need urgent support and a helping hand out of the crisis triggered by the coronavirus lockdown. It's also valid that the recession may be a "disguised blessing" for the industry. That's according to Nitin Gadkari, India's Road Transport & Highways and Shipping Minister, who also heads the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Ministry. He hopes that the sector will bounce back within 1-1.5 months. He also mentioned in an interview with “THE QUINT” that the ministry is coming up with strategies where exports will rise, imports will fall and growth potential increases with employment. He also mentioned that they are focusing on coming with new technologies and plans in future.

“Coronavirus” can also be considered as a “blessing in disguise” as it has lent so much spare time in hands of people or startups wherein they can utilize it to perform all those activities that were important to be done but were not happening due to lack of time. Those activities that would help them in getting investors (like Compliance, financial accounting, MIS) or come up with a process for smooth functioning of the business or time to review your product and make it more efficient in today's such time and also think about its future capabilities that it way serve when the lockdown is over and are ready to bounce back with full preparation.

Coronavirus Outbreak and the lockdown due to it has already been a “ blessing in disguise” to some edtech startups having this much spare time one can utilize it in improving its knowledge and skills by enrolling himself or herself into some online training programs. It has also been a blessing to the medical industry. It has also caused the startups to come with ways to work in less resources and in compromising situations like this which will make them more effective and efficient the startups that could bare and stay alive in such situations can grab attraction from most of the investors and have the chances of blooming in future when all of this is over. It are the hard times that make one more efficient and promising.