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Coronavirus Outbreak - Everyday Pet HealthCare Routine

Thomas Salzano - How to protect pets during Coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus Outbreak - Everyday Pet HealthCare Routine

Monday April 20, 2020,

6 min Read

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we all are busy taking care of ourselves and the people around us. But what about your pets? Are you aware of the ways to deal with your pets during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic? The current situation has also raised many questions in front of pet owners and has created a new challenge for them to deal with pets and coronavirus at the same time says Thomas Salzano a pet care expert. 


Although the good news till now, for you as a pet owner is that there’s no evidence that any animals have contracted or can spread the virus. So is quarantine necessary for your pets too is again a big question? People are doing everything that is possible to keep the virus away from them which also restricts them from stepping out with their dogs or pets, so in short, partially your pets are in quarantines and are supporting you.

Yes, it’s true that you get more time to spend with your pets, but ignoring them when you are home can cause a change in your pet’s mood with aggressive or depressed behavior. Pets love to be around their master and play with them, less attention can make them unhappy.

Just to help you and your pets during this tough home quarantine time, here are a few steps shared by Thomas on “How to take care of your pets during Coronavirus outbreak.”

Stock up your pet’s food as you have done it for yourself

The lockdowns have forced you to stay home and you must have stocked up food for yourself. Be sure you do the same for your pets too. Do not compromise with your pet’s food as that’s the only thing that will keep them healthy and happy. Feed your pets as per the diet recommended or maintained by you till now. Keep a check on your pet’s food supplies and behave like a responsible pet owner.

Keep your pets engaged and entertain them so that they don’t bother you much

Seeing you around, your pets will bother you to play with them. But we know in this work from the home situation this is not possible. So keeping your pets busy is necessary so that they don’t bother you much while you are working. Keep the entertainment stuff ready like softballs, hide dog bones in a room so that your dog is busy finding them, keep your pet in a room where they can see you from (A room with an attached window or keep your door open) and whenever possible play with them and express your love.


They say your pet is your best friend, so spend quality time with your pet

You are lucky if you have a pet at home especially when there is no one by your side. Pets make you feel happy and if you are around your pet you will feel positive, and can never feel lonely. The lockdown situation has made you stay home with your family and your pet, so make the best out of it. Play games with your pet, and spend some quality time as your pets deserve it. Games like fetching something, playing with the ball, or maybe you can do creative things like create videos with your pets and share with everyone with the intention of spreading love and positivity.

Maintain your Pet’s Hygiene

Yes, you heard it right the hygiene of your pet is something you cannot compromise with. We are well aware of the fact that the majority of you have a habit of taking your pets to a pet care center for grooming but as that is not possible now, you have to take the lead. This is again a productive way of spending time with your pet. You can take help from any pet trainer or any pet care center or maybe your pet’s doctor could help you with the ways to clean your pet by keeping in mind your safety.

Wash Your Hands Before and After you touch your pets especially when you let your pet free on the streets for a while

There have been cases reported where the pet owners let their pet play outside the house and bring them back in. You need to be careful with this kind of practice as yes, it’s true that there is no evidence that coronavirus can set your pet’s life at risk. But there are possibilities as per experts that say that the virus can stay on your pet’s fur and when you come in contact with your pet the virus might get transferred. So it is suggested to keep your pets away from infected surroundings and wash your hands when you touch your pet. Wearing a mask is highly recommended in this case.

Inform the authorities if you are ill and you have a pet that has no one to take care

Recently, there was a case reported where the dog was all alone in the house after the master was shifted to the hospital because of testing coronavirus positive. The dog starved at home for more than 5 days until the dog made a weird noise that caught the neighbor’s attention. There are many pet owners who live alone with their pets, this instruction is for them if you have a pet and you are not well, inform the authorities about your pet so that they can arrange someone who can take care of your pet till you are back home healthy.

Pet Therapy

It is a difficult situation for your pets too, as they are restricted to move freely in the streets, play with kids in the park or stay in one room as you are working in the living area. It’s your duty to keep your pets safe and healthy during this coronavirus outbreak situation.

Act as a responsible citizen by staying home, act as a responsible master by taking good care of your pets is what Thomas Salzano wants to convey to all the pet owners. It’s a tough time for all, we pray and hope that everything comes back to normal, but till then be safe, be aware, and act responsibly.