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Digital Marketing: Can the COVID-19 seize your business?

Digital Marketing: Can the COVID-19 seize your business?

Monday June 01, 2020,

6 min Read

Dear Corona, 

You are so very awful to mankind, but some good days are awaiting me!

Yours hopefully,

Digital Marketing 

Why is Corona awful?

Don't you think when an invisible matter can crash the economy, kill the dreams of a lot of people through unemployment, make people in poverty suffer, question many lives around the globe, and shouldn't it be called an awful element?

“Can the COVID-19 seize your business?” answers Digital Marketing

Dig into the existence of the D-world

The percentage of obsession towards your digital devices has increased unpredictably. Even right now, you are using a mobile, laptop or a tab/iPad.

It is estimated there are more than 4 billion internet users in the world today. 

It's not insane since I understand that there is no other way that you can escape from being alive in any of the digital mediums. Indeed, there are several motives for you to stay online wherein a few reasons involve gathering the news, getting to know what's trending, peeping into our friend's businesses which is not your business to look at, and so on. Being in many social media, you will now be able to understand the minute differences between each social media channel. 

A lot of businesses and companies are closed for an unconditional period of time and every organisation is working from home.

I suspect that the employees will soon forget their manager's face, on a lighter note. Putting up billboards, sticking papers on the walls and sides for marketing, Gorilla marketing will definitely not work out in the current scenario. This type of advertising will not work out right now since the deadly Corona will swallow up everything. The COVID-19 consequences are worse. No two strange heads are supposed to meet.

I’m afraid there’s a downfall going on for many businesses around the globe. Omdia predicts that over there would be a 15% drop in TV advertising. Then what’re the means of marketing during the COVID-19 scenario?

Digital Marketing proffers hope to many businesses

Since the Corona Virus has caged us, we allow the internet to dig our minds, give us some insights, makes us wonder for so many 'WHYs', addresses our relationships, values the freedom we had and monitors our determination towards our career.

You can still run your business, market your products/services, progress your growth rate, and make money out of it as well. But how?

Yes, the only solution which every businessman/businesswoman has (right now) is 'DIGITAL MARKETING' - the only key towards marketing in 2020.

Do you know that marketing digitally is absolutely relaxed and the safest way to market anything to anyone? 

There’s nothing to lose while marketing digitally. You will get insights, take surveys to acknowledge what’s necessary and do lots more. 

Digital marketing and E-commerce:

While in the COVID-19 season, customers find it difficult to step out of their houses to buy any groceries, medicines, tools and so on. It is understood that online shopping has become more visible and reliable. 

Behavioural change is drastically obvious and hoping to rely on the digital medium to buy/sell goods and services in the upcoming years as well. 

“E-commerce will be the other sector that will see a revenue boost as a result of the pandemic, adding $175 billion in revenue in 2020, which represents a 5% increase” adds Forbes.


From ordering food to ordering a charger for your laptop, everything is being done through the online platform. Search engines, social media channels, e-mails, websites, mobile applications are widely being used by almost everyone in the world. Even after the Corona Virus ends, the effect of handling shopping might be continued in the online medium, which reflects in the behavioural change of a person, thereby a family. Adding to that, one cannot deny the comfort he/she gets from shopping online,  declining his dislikes, choosing what he/she wanted amongst the ocean of items, scrolling with his fingers if he is bored and so on. Subsequently, he/she realises that enough money is being saved from travelling to get the stuff, petrol/diesel expenses. 

Will Digital Marketing impact your audiences during the COVID-19 season?

Not every business will get leads. But you can very easily and efficiently brand your business. And this is the right time to step into the shoes of digital marketing. Once you brand your business, people will remember your products/services before snapping up and also identify who you are in your field.

It is to be noted that industries such as food, healthcare, media and pharma are highly developing. Marketing in any digital medium will help the business still grow, holding heavy traffics, leads and conversion rates. 

On the other hand, industries such as manufacturing, construction, transportation and maximum travel have been highly declined.

The traffic rate for these industries are down and cannot be expected to rise unless the COVID-19 vanishes. 

What happens after the lock-down?

How do you expect yourself to be after getting back to regular life? 

Will you be the same old human or discover some slight changes in your mental behaviour?

Once the lock down is over and the situation gets back to normal, it is highly impossible to predict the customers/clients needs and wants. Each business should definitely get into the streets to know the mentality of every person. Besides that, there should be a brainstorming session between your peers. In such cases, digital marketing will help you find the solutions for your unsolved questions. You can analyse, measure, interpret and keep a track of your audiences and their expectations by reviewing the analytics of your posts digitally. 

Globally, the percentage of the spending economy was higher in the middle class and lower class's lives before the Corona Virus affected everyone's lives. But in 2020, people have inclined towards the concept of holding the saving economy. You and I have started to save at least a little bit, so that, if nothing helps out tomorrow, the savings will help us move forward. Since this generation hasn't been involved in such a crisis, it's very difficult to get along with the condition hopelessly.

With that in mind, you should learn that the e-commerce industry has very much influenced the internet users years ago and made shopping very smooth and untroubled for its users. 

The evolution of the digital world thereby began tremendously. And hence, the affordable, the most reliable and best marketing is today's experience and in tomorrow's hope is digital marketing.