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COVID19 took your Husband’s Job? 5 Easy "Work from Home" Gigs for Housewives.

5 easy Gigs for Housewives to consider during this Crisis Situation

COVID19 took your Husband’s Job? 5 Easy "Work from Home" Gigs for Housewives.

Thursday May 14, 2020,

6 min Read

Gigs for Housewives- With over thousands of news articles being floated everywhere about how the corona is leading to massive job cuts (Ref) and ruining the overall economy, we decided to discuss something positive here.

Yes, If you are worried about your husband’s job, this article will give you a ray of hope.

While everything was running at its pace and life was all set, husband going to office, earning money, and you taking care of kids and other household chores, you would not have given a thought to try these innovative ways to earn.

Many women have a dream to go all out and support the family and fulfilling their dreams, but hardly get a chance (especially when there is no need and reason).

But, this is the time, to consider one out of the list and support your family.

Let us now discuss some of the easy Gigs you can start to chase your dreams

a)   Start Freelancing

start freelancing

Ever heard of platforms like Amazon Mturk or Fiverr? There are over 100 such platforms but few of them are famous amongst the Freelancers. Freelancing as the name suggests, you can work on Gigs sitting at home, at your comfort, and conditions. People are making thousands of dollars today with a continuous rise in the Gig economy.

Few platforms you can try – Amazon Mturk, Fiverr, Freelancer, Truelancer, and People per hour, etc. Most of the platforms are free and would charge a small share of your total earnings.

Examples – You can do jobs like Resume writing, Voiceovers, Translations, Graphic designing, Social media account management, and a lot more.

b)  YouTube Channel

Start YouTube Channel

You would have subscribed to many Recipe channels on YouTube. But do you know, that these channels are being paid by YouTube based on traffic?

Yes, if you are succeeded in getting descent views on your YouTube Videos, you can easily earn up to $1000 per month. It’s completely free and you do not need expensive tools or equipment to start one for you.

How you can earn from a YouTube Channel –

i) YouTube Ads (subscribe to Inhouse monetization option by YouTube)

ii) Sponsorships – You will start getting a request to advertise the products or to display a product in your video. If you are a popular YouTuber with decent traffic you can get a good income from companies dealing in relevant Niche.

iii) Affiliate Marketing – You can sell your products by simply promoting few Amazon products and Amazon will in return pay you a decent commission.

Some of the Ideas for Housewifes – You can start a Parenting channel, Kitchen tips, Recipe show, Petcare, and lot more.

c)   Start Blogging -

Start Blogging

Blogging is a simple and easy way to earn a decent amount sitting at home. You don’t need to an expert and its perfectly alright if you are not a professional writer.

With platforms like Blogspot and Wordpress, everyone can create a blog in a few minutes. Blog is a kind of website only, which is usually casual in tone and you update your blog posts regularly there. If your articles are engaging, interesting, and helpful, you can easily create an audience from yourself. There are blogs like Perez Hilton or Engadget earning in millions every month. Obviously it will take time but at some point in time, you need to start for that.

You just need a domain and hosting (check hosting review sites like for more details), to start blogging, which you can buy in less than $50 for a year. If you don’t want to spend anything on it and want to start it for free, try Google’s Blogger or

How to monetize your blog? It is very easy to monetize your blog with platforms like (not limited to) Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, and sponsored advertisements.

d)  Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant terms saw a huge gathering around it in recent years. This is simply because many organizations, especially those who are entering the new market, need someone local to help them. Senior employees of many small companies need assistant, but cannot afford fulltime positions. You can pitch into such businesses and can assist them on the backend, administrative tasks.

Writing and receiving emails on their behalf, negotiating with buyers over the call, preparing reports, and fixing their meetings are few of the important tasks which can be delegated to a Virtual Assistant.

Suggestion– you can also put this service as a Gig on freelancing platforms.

e) Online Tutor

Online Tutor

If you are well qualified and good in any of the subjects like maths, science, accounts, etc, you can easily earn $5 to $10 per hour. There are many such platforms like Tutor dot com where you can register and start working.

With the advancement in technology like fast speed internet and apps like Skype, it is easy to set up the things and get going.

You can choose your working hours and complete flexibility to choose your schedule.

Few tips to stay away from Scams –

Earn money online, just type this and Google will take you to thousands of websites, but not all of them are legit. Here are few tips to choose the trustworthy platform -

I) Start only with trustworthy brands like Fiverr or Mturk where there is almost no risk of losing money.

II) For any company you are will to start, Checkout the company’s website for credentials, awards, and relevant certifications in place from Government.

III) Check for social proofs like Facebook page or Twitter handle to check followers, their activities, and feedbacks.

IV)  Start with free platforms, try not to begin your Freelancing or Work from home career with paid options. When you start earning, you can then decide to invest and explore options.

Conclusion –

It is the best time to fulfil your dream, pursue your passion, and simultaneously start earning. Options mentioned above are time tested options and legit ways to earn money with flexibility to choose your own schedule.

Covid19 on one hand forcing many organizations to downsize the manpower, our suggestion should help you to be prepared and face the situation with smiling face.