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Create High-Quality Backlink Even With A New Website

Create High-Quality Backlink Even With A New Website

Monday February 03, 2020,

5 min Read

If you are reading this article you must have understood the power of backlinks, how much value it can give to your website or blog.

So you have understood the value of backlinks but there is a problem that you have a website which nobody knows.

So if nobody knows you why would anybody give backlinks to your website?

That means it will be going to take many years to build a good amount of backlinks.

Yes it will take years but that does not mean that with new website you won’t going to get good backlinks.

All you need to do is start building them right now and gradually you will definitely build a good amount of links.

And I am here to tell you how to create good backlinks even if you don’t have celebrity status.

1- Let’s Build Good Relationship

Building Relationships

A good relationship with a person of the same field can help you greatly to get good backlinks.

This is simple if you don’t know anyone will you give him a backlink to help him grow his website.

Obviously no then how you can think of that, so the ultimate way is to build good relationships with people.

Ok now we know that let’s build a great relationship and we will get good backlinks.

But where to find them to make a good relationship with them.

The best option is attending seminars of your niche because most of the people attending those seminars are from your niche.

So it will be much easier to make relationships with them and once you have done creating good relationships you can ask them for link exchange.

They are from your niche so they too need backlinks and in that way it will be a win-win situation for both of you.

One more advantage of these relationships are that, those people also have good relationships with other people of the same niche.

So they can also help you to make relationships with other people of your niche.

But if you are not able to attend those seminars I have some different ways for you.

Search for Facebook groups of you niche and join them there you will find lots of people from your niche

DM them have good conversation with them and make good relation with them and you are ready to ask for a good backlink.

2. Create Infographics

Create Infographics

Everyone just love Infographics.

You can take example of yourself what you would like to if you get an option of long paragraph or an Infographic.

Most of the people will choose infographics as they are easy to scan and they will also get all the information.

There is a great tool called Venngage to create high quality Infographics for free or very little amount.

Once you have created a high quality Infographic publish in your website you can also ask the people of your niche to share them.

And if they agreed to do so you will get good quality backlink.

3. Get Testimonial Backlinks

Create Testimonials Backlinks

Do you know testimonials are a great way to build trust among your customers, as customer reads the testimonials to take an idea about the product.

So if you give a good testimonial to a business in an exchange of backlink it will be a win-win situation for both the businesses.

And not even very tough that is why you must try this method get great backlink for your website.

4. Take the help of External Backlink

You are writing an article and you come up with a topic which you don’t want to elaborate much.

So you can give an external backlink for that particular topic and before giving and external backlink do some research.

Find a website which explained the topic very nicely and then see the DA and spam score of the website.

And one more important thing you need to check is the popularity of the website because if the website is a popular one he might not give you a backlink.

So try to give backlink to the websites who are in the growing period.

After putting a link of a website extract their mail id and shoot them a message that you have given them a link and they can share the article and if your article got ranked they will also get benefitted from that.

5 Take the help of social signals

Take the help of Social Media

If you are really serious about your website’s rank you just can’t miss the social signals for your website.

Social Signals are the best way to communicate about your website as how updated your website is.

And you will get a much better ranking if your website is updated nicely.

But things is there are a whole lot of social medias are present and which one you should opt.

The answer is pick out a few of them which you can manage nicely as picking a few of them and manage nicely is far better than picking many and not able to manage them.

All you need to do is post each and every single day in the social media you have chosen to leverage.