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10 Best QuickBooks Alternatives For Businesses

10 Best QuickBooks Alternatives For Businesses

Thursday December 26, 2019,

8 min Read

quickbooks alternatives

The Best QuickBooks Alternatives are known for their core bookkeeping capabilities that small businesses are in need of. They can be used and afforded more easily.

If you are in quest of the ideal alternatives to QuickBooks or a free QuickBooks alternative, then you are at the right place.

All you have to do is to read each alternative to QuickBooks given in this blog with pricing details to allow you to decide which one to choose keeping your specific requirements and budget in mind.

10 Best QuickBooks alternatives for your business:


quickbooks alternatives

Invoicera is regarded as the best online invoicing software for small businesses, freelancers, and enterprises. It is one of the best QuickBooks online alternatives due to having excellent features known for making faster processes and payments.  

This billing software has more than 30 payment gateways to systematically manage clients worldwide. There is not any extra software installation needed.

Invoicera is capable of fulfilling the functional requirements of its domain. This online billing software is easy to access with an unlimited 30-day free trial, or you can go for an upgrade for forever plan. You can have a 15-day trial of this app and cancel any time.

Pricing plans of Invoicera are given below:

Infinite: $149 per/month

Business: $ 29 per/month

Pro: $15 /per/month

Starter: free/forever

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2. FreshBooks

quickbooks alternatives

FreshBooks turns out as one of the most popular Invoicing software systems in the market. Moreover, small businesses regard it as the ideal cloud solutions for them. This invoicing software is well-reputed for making client invoicing and time tracking convenient and efficient.

Moreover, FreshBooks iPhone invoice is winning the hearts of people worldwide due to allowing its users to operate their business from anywhere and anytime with their mobile phones. Furthermore, FreshBooks mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

Pricing plans of FreshBooks are below:

Lite (for the self-employed at the beginning stage): $ 15/mo (5 billable clients)

Plus (for small business with huge targets): $ 25/mo (50 billable clients)

Premium (for growing businesses with influential teams): $ 50/mo (500 billable clients)

Select (for well-to-do businesses requiring custom service): custom pricing (more than 500 billable clients)

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3. Hiveage

alternatives to quickbooks

Hiveage is one of the best alternatives to QuickBooks online have a well-designed intuitive interface. This invoicing software can be used easily and is supported by a safe cloud-based platform.

This billing software system provides users with functions, flexibility, and pricing to scale and fulfill the growing needs of a business. It focuses on the modern flat design style. It is one of those free QuickBooks alternatives that can be used easily but are limited to only a few features. You should have a 14-day free trial to know more about its capability.

Pricing plans of Hiveage are below:

Starter: $15 per month

Basic: $ 29 per month

Studio: $ 59 per month

Company: $ 79 per month

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4. Xero

alternatives to quickbooks

Xero is a renowned accounting software system, and its support for business growth makes it famous among seekers of QuickBooks alternatives.

It allows its users to manage their cash flow and stay in touch with their customers automatically. Some famous additional features it has are CRM, inventory, timesheets and job management that can help you in day-to-day working.  

Xero is with advanced and unique features of bank feed to import and categorize credit card, bank statements, and PayPal information automatically.

Furthermore, it supports 160 currencies and offers up-to-minute foreign exchange rates. This billing software solution is mobile friendly and automatically gives an ongoing free version to customers. You can try its every feature for 30 days with unlimited users.

Pricing plans of Xero are below:

Early: $9 per month

Growing: $30 per month

Established: $60 per month

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5. Wave Apps

free alternatives to quickbooks

Wave Apps is an ideal accounting and online invoicing software solution for a real estate agent, freelancer, business, and other small businesses with a small number of staff members.

Its features are customized invoices, credit card payments, accounting, payroll up-to-date all the time making it one of the best alternatives to QuickBooks.

Its major features generate invoices automatically and calculate taxes. Its main drawback is that it doesn’t provide an audit trail and makes it hard to fix things when mistakes are committed.

Pricing plans of Wave Apps are below:

Accounting software: $ 0

Receipt scanning: $ 0

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6. Zoho Invoice

free alternatives to quickbooks

Zoho Invoice turns out to be one of the most robust accounting and invoicing software systems. Its capability makes it best for small and medium-sized businesses, sole proprietors, and other users.

This accounting software allows its users to create, manage, send, and monitor invoices from the same platform. Its features of multicurrency and multilingual support with customized invoices make it the perfect QuickBooks alternative.

This well-designed and the advanced system makes possible for its users to create forms and generate invoices, set up taxes and tax groups, adjust settings, upload templates and logos, personalize email users and the like.

This Alternative to QuickBooks can be easily adjusted to fulfil the specific needs of small businesses as per their type.

Pricing plans of Zoho Invoice are below:

Free: $ 0 per organization/month

Basic: $ 9 per organization/month

Standard: $ 19 per organization/month

Professional: $ 29 per organization month

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7. Invoice Machine

free alternatives to quickbooks

Most businesses and freelancers love using this QuickBooks alternative owing to its excellent services, and it has a billing timer. Invoice Machine sends thank you notes and reminder emails automatically.

It is well-known as one of the best alternatives to QuickBooks because it allows its users to easily customize their invoices and impress their clients with the invoices which look more professional.

Moreover, you can create new invoices and set options like currency, taxes, shipping, language, language, notes, and many more.

Pricing plans of Invoice Machine for businesses are below:

Small: always free

Medium: $ 12 per month

Large: $ 24 per month

Extra large: $ 48 per month

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8. InvoiceBerry

alternatives to quickbooks online

InvoiceBerry, one of the finest free alternatives to QuickBooks, is an online invoicing software solution. It makes possible for its users to create, send, and manage invoices at a lightning speed.

InvoiceBerry allows its users to download, email, or post invoices straight from their accounts. People from any business type like freelancers, web designers, small and medium-sized businesses, creatives, musicians, producers, and the like can use this QuickBooks alternative.

It provides small businesses with 100% free plan to deal with up to 3 clients. This invoicing software can be upgraded to manage more clients and options. InvoiceBerry can be integrated with the stripe.

Pricing plans of InvoiceBerry are below:

Solo: $ 15 per month

Pro: $ 30 per month

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9. Simple Invoicing

Quickbooks online alternatives

The ‘Print Mode’ of this open source invoice generator adds more to its fame, as it allows the user to preview and print out their invoice. Simple Invoicing is a very simple online invoicing software that makes possible for the user to create influential invoices conveniently. This beginner online invoicing software tool is limited to only basic features of invoicing. However, it works very well for small businesses.

Pricing plans for Simple Invoicing are below:

Monthly: $ 10 per month

Yearly: $ 102 per year

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10. Harvest

Quickbooks online alternatives

Harvest is regarded as the ideal time tracking and online invoicing software system due to its faster speed for billing requirements.

The thing that makes it special is that it supports Google Apps integrations. This small tool can analyze and run reports on billable and non-billable time for particular tasks, projects, and staff.

The drawback of this free QuickBooks alternative is its high price and no customizable templates. You can try this software for 30 days to know it better free.

Pricing plans of Harvest as per your business stage are below:

Free: 1 person and 2 projects

Solo: $ 12 per month, 1 person and unlimited projects

Team: $ 12/ person, per month

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I hope this blog to have given you an idea of the ten best QuickBooks alternative for your small business. Furthermore, we also gave the pricing details to ease your understanding.

Some famous alternatives to QuickBooks we discussed are Invoicera, Freshbooks,  Zoho Invoice, Xero, Harvest, Simple Invoicing, Wave Apps, Hiveage, and so on.

Let’s end with the hope that our writing and your reading effort didn’t go futile.