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Creating Positivity With Customer Centric approach

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Creating Positivity With Customer Centric approach

Friday December 07, 2018,

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Creating a positive customer experience at the point of sale and post-sale can add value to a company by enabling it to differentiate itself from competitors who do not offer the same experience. A customer-centric organization is driven by the needs and preferences of their customers and such companies always treasure their relationship and not their possessions. Companies with dedicated customer service are companies which have reported consistent growth graph and have expanded their market presence year after year.

The customer-centric company always value relationship between the customers and an organization. Take into account any business like an accounting and inventory business and one which is customer driven. Here every single management or designing of new products to meet market demand is done on the basis of analysis of the market.

How Marg ERP ltd. customer-centric approach helped to stand firm in the GST storm?

Being a customer driven company and one which has always valued customer Marg ERP has always been upfront from the day 1 of GST launch which happened on 1st July 2017 a historical moment for India’s taxation history.

With the onset of GST, there were vivid  confusion amongst all the inventory and accounting software users as nobody was ready for this biggest tax transformation eve. We should not just blame the users because at that juncture even GST software solution provider were still staggering to innovate a  GST compliant software.

In such a scenario when all the end users were in chaos Marg ERP a customer-centric company stood ahead and helped end users and partners to become GST compliant. Our customer care cell which has  more than 500 plus customer care executive was ever ready when other software solution providers have shut down their customer services.

To help small and medium enterprises swim across this challenging phase Marg ERP stood stern and provided both offline and online support to all the end users to help them become GST compliant.

To add on to the knowledge session Marg Suvidha Kendras gave free tuition to all the end users so that they can become GST compliant. The customer service provided in the first month of GST involved more than 3 lakh calls in the very first month of GST which helped us to collect user insights and use them to design and deliver delightful solutions which were provided online and was highly appreciated by the customers.

With such valiant efforts, the company gained customer loyalty and long-term healthy customer relationships which last till date. Today we are considered one of the best ERP solution providers with more than 9 lakh plus customer base and our proud to have a customer-centric approach. It brought in loyalty and it was easy to cut the cost of customer acquisition as well as product development.

We have varied schemes and partners and professionals across pan India when all the other solution provider were  striving hard to establish in GST market. The initial days of GST regime has helped us establish as a pioneer brand in the market today and has also helped us in understanding how customers use our products and services. The customer-centric approach has helped in reducing our expensive mistakes which have slowed down post-GST. Today we have achieved a competitive edge and can easily differentiate ourselves from other competitors.

An organization doesn’t become customer-centric in one big jump but it is a journey with different stages of maturity and our Customer-Centricity has helped businesses to find out whether there they are  on that path of success and what the next steps should be.