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Guide On How To Stay Focused On Startup Success

Most of the startups think that getting fund is enough but, something that they forget is to avoid distraction. Lack of focus can become the main reason behind a dead startup. For any startup success sharp focus plays a key role.

Guide On How To Stay Focused On Startup Success

Monday April 15, 2019,

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Most of the startups think that getting fund is enough but, something that they forget is to avoid distraction. Lack of focus can become the main reason behind a dead startup. For any startup success sharp focus plays a key role. You can work on to build successful startup by setting up short-term and long-term goals and maintaining them. You can easily get it done with the help of a proper startup strategy plan.

Look for where is the revenue

When you are up to making each decision for your startup, you should always keep in mind to look for the scope of revenue in it. Many people follow the misconception that you cannot have any revenue during the early years of your startup but, what is wrong in making some?

If you find no revenue, chances are more that you may get distracted. For many business owners, the idea of business keeps them motivated and, if you are clear about making revenue from it you will be able to have successful startup. Always keep revenue in mind and always stay focused whenever making business decisions.

Choose your leisure activities

Choosing your leisure activities is all about staying focused on your startup. Startup owners don’t have time to waste on unnecessary things and activities. The successful businessmen of today don’t waste time on watching TV or some reality shows. They save that time for important activities.

You should always choose your leisure activities wisely which can help you stay focused from any kind of distractions.

Brainstorm new ideas, listen to the podcasts from entrepreneurs, consider reading books, etc. to stay focused.

Keep your time productive

Startup owners are always busy and have no time for any activities but, there can always be some time to use and work on. When there is shortage of time, it is always wise to use every minute to activities which can be productive.

The activities should be kind of the one which can fit into your amount of free time. For example, if you have just five minutes to spare, you can invest them to clear out your inbox from all those clutter or browse internet for some business trends. When it comes to social media, only spend time there if you think it can be beneficial for your startup.

Streamline tasks

You can save yourself from wasting time by streamlining your tasks. The streamlined tasks can be completed in the best possible manner. Each task can be optimized if you focus the route. To take care of your tasks you can make use of management tools too.

It is even possible to streamline your daily tasks and ensure you are doing them at the same time. You can continue activities of the same kind one after the other so that you don’t have to switch between things in your mind.

One of the things associated with streamlining process is delegating tasks. For example, for your IT needs hire software developer for startup rather than taking things in hand. With just limited hours available in a day, startup owner can only work on things which can be done only by him. In case you get skilled people to work on some part of your startup, delegate it to them. With right delegation, you will be able to streamline the daily activities and focus on critical issues.  

Create a to-do list

You need to think about your to-do list all over. There has to be some spare time in between as you cannot expect to work without distraction like a superhero. For a startup owner there goes many things on mind and so he or she need to set the day in a manner where he or she tackles the important ones first. They can then limit themselves for the others in a few numbers.

Always remember to make a to-do list every evening for the next day and add in only those tasks which you think can be completed.

Get up early

The trait of a successful person is to wake up early. This is the most productive time in a day as there are very less distractions to face, no phone calls, no emails and no disturbances. Again, by waking up early you will find yourself with plenty of time and get the important tasks done within the first hour.


Focus on the ideal time

When you wake up in the morning you will have the most productive hour then. So you should concentrate on using them the most. For different people the productive time may be different – some may work well in the morning while others may work at night while there are some who work the most during the peak hours. So you need to find your productive time so that you can work well at that time and focus on crucial tasks.

Work on your business everyday

Whether you are on a holiday or out of town for some work, always keep in mind to work on your project a bit every day and take it a step further ahead. Just by doing a single task in a day you will be able to stay focused about your startup. If you take a break in between it can seem to be hard to get back on track. This does not mean you cannot have vacation or fun, just make sure you are connected to your business in a small way. Again, you can try to lessen your working hours throughout the week to ensure you don’t burnout.

Work on your relationships

It is a fact that people with whom we spend more time have influence on us. So you need to choose the people wisely to capitalize your relationships. You should have mentor as such a person can help you keep focused and increase productivity. 95% of the people who were mentored said that they felt motivated at what they were doing.  Having a mentor is like having someone to check on you constantly so that you stay focused and achieve your goal. Whenever you notice you are getting out of track, you can talk to your mentor to regain your focus.

Don’t waste to network

You cannot increase your focus on the startup by networking. Again, it can act as distraction can take your business to too many directions. For startup owners networking takes up the valuable time as the owner will get stuck up attending more people and meetings. Again, advices pouring in from different people make things difficult.

Look at networking as an opportunity to socialize than thinking it as a way to grow your business. Such kind of events and meets are capable to distract you and take focus away from your startup. You can try to know people and prioritize the list based on whom you want to meet first. You just need people who can help to improve your focus and not distract you.

Make money

When you are out there with your startup just be sure you don’t want to wait too long to start making money. Remember there is much money out there and you can start receiving some fund and make money only once you are open up for the market. Then, you will start making profits.

For any startup it takes some time to make some money and so the earlier you start your attempts to sell, the early you start making money. If the startup does not start making money then chances are more that it can discourage the startup owners and the people working in there. Just be at ease and start taking your product to the market and sell it before the so called perfect time arrives.

Mornings are time for creativity

Make place for creative activities in the morning schedule. Instead of going through messages and emails from previous day, put your valuable time to something that is creative. You don’t want to drain your energy into something that is not important. The work of checking emails and messages can be done later in the day when you have no much important to attend.

Practice focus

Like all the habits you build, you need to put efforts on focus. You need to practice it. There can come situations where you need to perform multitasking and in such situation it is not possible to focus on one particular task. This can be only achieved with practice.

To learn multitasking you need to start by focusing on a task in the beginning. You need to spend few minutes on it first. Once you get comfortable with one task, you can start to invest more time into your focus. You can even set timers to work for your focus thing. Once the timer ends you can stop and take a break to move towards the next one. Sometime such a work and break cycle works well for people to build focus.


You need to rest so that you can think well. It can be anything right from taking proper 8 hours sleep or 10-minute meditation before conference, decent lunch break with friends or something like that.

Building up a startup is not an easy job but not resting or taking enough sleep is not going to do any good too. If your mind is not resting properly, you will not be able to build a successful startup. Proper resting will help you improve focus and move in right direction.

Set goals

Goals are a way of setting up some reminder of the things we should achieve. If there is no set goal then chances is more that the startup will not have a proper direction to follow and may get distracted.

There can be goals set based on daily, monthly or quarterly and many may not be even achievable. Goals can come in different levels and change with every stage. So all you need is to have better focus by sharpening your mind.

Stay disconnected when you work

For startup owners they are always on the way of multitasking things and they keep on switching from one to another quickly. When you keep yourself disconnected from devices, emails, messages and calls, you get to focus and improve productivity.

When you try to do different activities all at the same time, your brain activity decrease. When you receive an email or call in between, you get distracted and you waste some of the valuable time you could have used otherwise. So to keep it simple, just make sure you stay disconnected from others when you are working on some complicated or crucial tasks.

Align your values and work

If you find difficulty in focusing on your work then chances is there that you are not actually serious about your work. You may have hard time focusing on your business if you are not passionate about what you’re working on. Opt for IT consulting services to know the possible solutions that can add value to your business. Many startup owners fail to realize and understand this by themselves.

If you work on something in which you have faith, you will be able to get ahead as it will create passion in you. Aligning your work with values will make things simple for your startup.

Create routines and habits

Leading a habitual life can help the startup owners to make fewer decisions throughout the day. If you follow a habit or lifestyle, there will be less amount of time to get wasted on taking decisions like what to wear, what to eat, etc. This will make almost your life easier and you will be able to sharpen your decision making power for the good.

When you have less decisions to make in a day you will have more focus to put on things which are more important from the aspect of your startup. You can easily achieve this by following a set routine which you feel is comfortable to be followed. So work towards reducing decision fatigue and start focusing on building the startup.


It is all up to you to put your efforts on building successful business. Whatever of these mentioned steps you plan to take up, improving your focus towards building a better business works. It is a fact that you cannot stay focused like that but, for the business success, it is imperative. Distractions are never good and so try to remove one or all and you will be stunned by the difference you see in your startup focus.