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15 Cue Points on Why Personal Branding is Indispensable for Startups

15 Cue Points on Why Personal Branding is Indispensable for Startups

Wednesday March 18, 2020,

7 min Read

Personal Branding has become an important concern for startups and small businesses. Revolutionizing themselves and competing on global firmament is not easy, especially when the completion is going fierce every moment. Knowing is important for small business start-ups, and this is where personal branding becomes indispensable altogether. With efficient personal branding strategies and tactics, start-ups show up their image, and they start developing themselves as an omnipotent authority. Straight from the one-page prologue to a complete story- personal branding establishes start-up as a notable brand. Personal branding is promoting the name, ideologies and motivational factors but not the business. Therefore, small businesses and start-ups run and managed by new-age entrepreneurs as well as solopreneurs aim for personal branding.  

Is Personal Branding Influential for Start-up Innovators?

Personal Branding is not a new concept, rather it has continued to evolve from the heydays of its creation. Investing financial and knowledge resources in branding are useful in establishing founders, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs out of the blues. As a result, image is created and projection is established. It creates a buzz word on the internet and everywhere, which is influential in breaking off the threshold competition. Let’s divulge out the few benefits of personal branding given by Digital Technology Institute which is the #1 Affordable Institute for Digital Marketing Course in Delhi, which helps startup founders, solopreneurs and small businesses:


Establishing Trust – The trust factor of individuals (consumers, buyers etc.) is more on the people who run companies, rather than the name of the company. In recent years the trust of individuals has moved from companies to startup founders and solopreneurs and this is not without any reason. One of the prominent reasons for this kind of behavioral shift is that companies are being objectified as fallacious, greedy and many times ostensibly callous. The thought can be reasserted from the fact that several big and small companies have gone bankrupt in financial fallouts. On the contrary, startup founders and solopreneurs are humans, having a high trust factor. In this way, the individuals can build a good rapport as well as a lasting impression with the solopreneur or start-up founder.


Ease of Publishing - Start-up founders have an easier time getting noticed on web space by publishing guest posts on third party sites. They can also get their blogs published on various popular blogging platforms, which already have high PAs and DAs. Promoting the name of a start-up founder is quite high; the outcome is even higher than the expectation.  


Populates the Events – Building personal branding is not only limited to the internet. In fact, as a start-up entrepreneur, you have the advantage to move out into physical spaces and address your audience. Maybe this public addressing in events brings you close to your targeted audience, serving as a catalyst for boosting your business as well as a personal name. It is also interesting to find that your participation as start-up owner or founder will give more leads, which have fair chances to get converted. 


More Interaction with Like-Minded People – Meeting people is counted as initial game-changer for start-up businesses, and personal branding works well out here. If you are an eventful personality, people like to get in touch with you and in this way, you gradually develop an intense reach. Your name will be popular and this is going to get transformed into a brand. 


Carry the Benefits Beyond Your Name – One of the very obvious benefits of personal branding is that you carry your name wherever you go. Whether you are involving yourself in a new project or setting up a subsidiary firm, personal branding is going to help you in establishing.  


Attract Stakeholders Related to Your Business - In the stiff competition, it is really hard to come across the like-minded individuals who can help your business to grow. The logic acting behind it is that no one has ever heard about you. You have just entered the start-up ecosystem and the trust level is extremely low. 

Strategizing on personal branding is going to carry forward your name to your prospective stakeholders. If your name is visible to millions, you are seen as a pro in your industry. Your potential audience will regard you as a trustworthy and focused business owner, and not the one who just close the eyes and flies out by night.  


Defines Your Identity – Personal branding is a boon for start-ups, especially as it helps in defining your identity in target markets and short period. Establishing your identity out rightly means that you want to establish yourself with a particular name, and this is the name that will create your image before millions splurging out there.  


Stands You as Leader - You are a start-up, which means you will be meeting your competitors regularly, and dishing out strong and solid personal branding becomes very obvious. Only then you can establish yourself as the market leader. More importantly, having a solid strategy established for personal branding will give you the outstanding advantage and competitive edge. 


Elicits a High Recall Value – If you want to highlight your face, and get a superior recall value along with reinforcing the credibility, personalized branding becomes the obvious choice. Very soon you are going to find that the dedicated audience has started following you. It is not only the gain, but a double bonanza.  


Showcases your Professionalism - Since personal branding is critical in giving you and your start-up a much-needed identity and leadership, a gravity is established, which further takes on your credibility. It is this credibility that presents a human aspect to your business. Again, this is the decision-making point wherein businesses are attracted to you, and there are always more deals waiting for a mandatory signature.  


Business are Interested in Collaboration – Continuous efforts undertaken in personal branding would help you reach the levels where big businesses become interested in getting connected. Now, this kind of behavior is always welcomed, and the collaboration eventually helps in shaping everything else. 


Facilitates Success – A serious effort towards personal branding is going to place your startup over a leading edge. The effort is going to place you close to the type of audience whom you wanted and not just the crowd. You can call it a complete revolution for your business. 


Repeat Business and Relevant Referrals – Personal branding will give yet another advantage to startups, and this time it is in the form of repeat business. Repeat customers will carry your name forward and you are introduced by them in new market segments. 


Ranks you On the Top – After you start seeing your name as a recognized brand, and you see more and more people are following your name. You establish a better place in society. The ranking is seen as an obvious result of all these occurrences. All the Ranking part will comes under the SEO topic, which you can learn by enrolling at the #1 Top SEO Training Institute.


Close to Being an Entrepreneur - Consistent personal branding efforts and over some time will give you the push to climb the ladder where you feel satiated to be called an entrepreneur. Therefore, starting from a solopreneur, you ultimately take on as entrepreneur.


Start-ups or small businesses or solopreneurs everyone needs personal branding, as the outcome would depend on it. No one can be established in a competitive marketplace without personal branding. And interestingly, you will not find any easy or simple means for establishing a personal brand name for yourself, unless you start qualifying yourself.