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No More Ordinary Gifting

In gifting segment, Corporate Gifting is the most unstated area. There is a set of products that circulate every year. When we put so much thought in giving personal gifts, why not corporate gifts? 

Thursday September 15, 2016,

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Last Diwali, I got a set of two odd-shaped stoneware plates which couldn’t fit into my kitchen. I passed it on.

A year even before, I got a kettle that couldn’t hold warm water for more than an hour, and it was not good looking either. I again passed it on to a relative.

That’s a common story of unwanted, useless gifts - the vicious cycle running round the year and festivals. Most of the time, we give and receive gifts that are not useful, are too boring, or simply give them for the sake of gifting.

That was the problem. But where is the solution then?

Isha and her husband Ashish, like many of us, were facing the similar situation ever since their wedding, and finally decided to do something. And that’s how GiftBurry was born. They are working as gifting consultants and corporate gifts provider. Running from cities to towns, and manufacturers to artisans, they hand-curate the best products for the corporate gifting segment.

“We humans have a tendency to get bored easily and quickly. Be it food, clothes, or accessories, we tend to change our preferences. Then why not gifts?” said Isha. "Every year, we get a bunch of repetitive gifts. There are a lot of corporate gifting vendors in the marketplace, but they all are offering same stuff. And that’s where we found the opportunity."

Exquisite, hand-curated, heartfelt gifts

GiftBurry has range of products, but most of them are handmade and handicrafts, such as Moroccan and Turkish lanterns, custom nameplates, vintage candle holders. They also have a special range of handmade chocolates, like cartoon character kids chocolates, love themed chocolates, etc.

Both Isha are Ashish are involved in every stage – right from selection of products and sourcing to end-customer delivery. They source all their products from trusted suppliers and artisans, as they believe in helping everyone associated with their business grow. As of now, they are serving Chandigarh Tricity and NCR, and are all set to expand to other cities as well.

“We started small with our own money. And now, we are encouraged by the growth of our business has seen within a year. The market is huge and opportunities are abundant. You just have to tickle the right vein and Bingo!” said Ashish, co-founder of GiftBurry.

Moving to a bigger landscape

They are planning to expand and terrain into B2C selling too. Though there is no dearth of gifting sites in India, GiftBurry aims to offer competitive products at competitive price. Exquisite, Hand-curated, as they say it.