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3 ways you can use bots in digital marketing strategy

3 ways you can use bots in digital marketing strategy

Wednesday August 30, 2017,

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How to use Bots in Digital Marketing Strategy

Bots are everywhere and here is the time you need to give it some space on your next digital marketing strategy. automation is the way to reduce the hard work on the repeatative task and AI bots are the best invention to automate some part of digital communication with chat sequences.

we all aware of Facebook Messenger chatbots and the CTR it returning. it is the best way to engage with users.

let's see how we can implement bots in digital marketing.

1. guide and engage with website visitors with bots

ever chat with the live support agent from the corner pop up? it is the best way to provide the live chat help when any visitor lands on website and surfing.

there are many free and paid live chat widgets available that you can install on your website and interact with users directly. users like help over chat and this is the best way to directly engage and communicate with users when they are on website surfing your content or services.

you can offer any promo code or special offer to convert the visitors to leads and users will like to chat with a live assistant. this can be more useful in shopping sites where you can suggest suitable products.

you can try tawkto.com or my.livechatinc.com for your website and set bot sequence.

2. personalize the user experience

people like personalized ads and bots are the best tool to collect the data from the user and provide the customized results and information to users.

you can provide a sequence of questions and on a reply from user relative information. it is the best way to hold user interest and offer your deals as well.

use facebook messenger chat bots that able to deliver the series of messages with options so your users get personalized offers instead of general messages and info.

CNN provides the same bot delivering different news and articles on the base of user reply.

3. Organize your team

when we talk about digital marketing , we think about Facebook ads, PPC and SEO. we don't think about the team performance which is a very important thing.

you can bring everyone on the same page with bots. bots like standup and nikabot can help you. these bots are designed to track what everyone on your team is doing and you can keep every player updated with whats new going on.

if you are part of a remote team or handling one, this tool is very useful to handle and give an update on the team.

comment below how you are using the bots. 

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