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How I started my Startup!

I am a founder of mandir.co and here I am sharing you how I build my Startup from ZERO!

How I started my Startup!

Tuesday February 07, 2017,

2 min Read

I was very much curious about starting my own company. I don't like so called mechanical life! I don't like to be bounded by some boss instructing what to do, when to come, how to behave etc etc. So I was very clear since my college days. 

I was spending my reading vacation at home. I was not in a mood of reading and was watching T.V. Meanwhile I was talking with my father and the idea struck to my mind to solve the problem of people who can't visit the temple in which they have complete faith due to the reasons like busy in daily work life, physically challenged, aging issue and some others. So I decided to deliver the Prasad of the temple to their of home on the occasions like celebrating one's promotion, having a baby, scoring well in board exams, getting well from disease etc. So on every occasion people can't go to the temple due to the fact that it might not near to the place they live or some other reasons I shared above. At www.mandir.co, I am trying to remove long queues that we see in front of temples!


I was amazed by the response I received on the day I launched website called www.mandir.co . I got above 1000s of visitors in merely 15 days. Also the reviews of devotees were heart touching! Every devotee is now called 'Mandirian'!

If you are true devotee then join the 'Mandirian' club at www.mandir.co. If not now then when!!

I thank you everyone who helped me achieving this and all our Mandirians!!⁠⁠⁠⁠