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Advice for students: 10 steps toward better writing

Do you think that writing is hard? We are going to dispel this myth! A good piece of writing is nothing more than all necessary skills applied together with some creativity. If you want to write perfectly, you just need to know the strategy that helps to create effective content.

Advice for students: 10 steps toward better writing

Monday July 31, 2017,

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Of course, different types of writing require personal approach. However, it does not mean that there are no some basic recommendations that will serve as the foundation for a perfect paper. If you have noticed that writing always hard for you, you just need to understand how to create this foundation.

In this article, we are going to reveal 10 basic steps that help to become a better writer and have no problems with academic papers. You will definitely find here some ideas that you will apply to your writing approach and will notice, that you start to enjoy this process not just struggle to create at least one good sentence.

1) Define the main message

Every single writing starts with a determination of the main message that will be a guiding star for all the ideas that you will introduce into the text. It’s not easy to determine it, but it will be easier if you know how to read the topic of the essay perfectly. In fact, every single topic already has the message that you are to cover. If you cannot specify it, start to ask questions that will eventually help you define what you need to cover.

2) Define the purpose

Your purpose is never about writing something to get a grade. What effect do you want to reach with your paper? What do you want to tell to your readers? Do you want to persuade them or just trying to explain your own vision of the situation? When the purpose is clearly defined, you will be able to proceed with writing easily.

3) Choose the style

Of course, for academic papers academic style suits perfectly. However, there are many details that you are to remember when writing. Perhaps, you would like to make it more informative or add some creativity.

Also, remember that different types of academic paper require different style for writing. For example, if you think about how to start an essay, you should always remember that here the creativity is the main tool, while for research papers you are to use statistics.

4) Choose the tone of voice

One of your goals is to reach the audience. Interesting ideas are not enough for that. You need to choose the tone of voice that will perfectly suit the situation and that will help you to catch the attention of the audience.

Did you notice that when you read some pieces of writing you just feel that the author talks to you? With properly chosen tone of voice, you can find the approach that will help you reach the same effect.

5) Clarify the problem

Before you start to work on your writing, make sure that you clearly understand the problems that you want to dwell upon. These problems will help you define what ideas to include here.

A great practice is to use a problem that is common to everyone. There will be more chances that people will get interested in the paper if they have a chance to find solutions to their problems there.

6) Be specific

Speaking in general phrases is the worst thing you can do to your paper. No one likes to read vague texts that bring nothing but general considerations. If you want to reach the audience and demonstrate the lecturer that you know the materials perfectly, always be specific with details.

7) Write in short phrases

Of course, you would like to show your mastery in creating long sentences. But when you write paper, it will be better to choose short phrases, sentences and paragraphs. First of all, it is far more easier to read such kind of writing. Secondly, you will definitely make less mistakes.

8) Keep the structure

Even if you order cheap essay writing service, you will notice that the text is clearly structured and well-organized. Any type of academic writer papers should include such blocks as introduction, main body and the conclusion. Besides, the structure of the main body is also important. It will be different depending on the type of essay, but always remember that it should be logical and any idea should be supported by the fact, evidence or some statistics.

9) Avoid passive voice

Any writer guide will tell you that you must write in active voice. This is a simple marketing approach that helps you to reach your audience better. Besides, the text itself will be more effective and will help you to catch the attention of the audience.

10) Proofread

The overall quality of your writing is vitally important. If your paper is full of mistakes, if the text is illogical and incoherent, you will never be able to create a proper first impression. Besides, you will definitely get a lower grade even if the ideas that you present are perfect.

You can use this list of steps as the guidelines for creating a perfect paper or as a tutorial on how to make your writing skill better. However, there is one thing that you should always remember when considering improving your writing skills. And this is practice. The more you write, the better you become with writing. At some point, you just understand that there is nothing difficult to generate as many ideas as possible. You will intuitively find the best ones of them and will know how to implement them in text effectively.

Do remember to follow this steps when working on your next paper. You will notice that the process becomes easier when you understand how to make it more organized.