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4 Best Dog food options available in India

Ones that completely cater to your pet’s needs,yet doesn’t break the bank

4 Best Dog food options available in India

Sunday September 18, 2016,

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When it comes to our dogs,we want to make sure that we give him/her the best available food in the market while making both ends meet.Of course,in a country like India where pet infrastructure is in the nascent stage,getting the right pet food can indeed be difficult.Then again,with the advent of Ecommerce getting hands on some of the best dog food brands have becoming easier than ever.

Having got 3 dogs myself who are so pampered that they go to sleep leaving 25% of the food given to them at times and not to mention the pet food packets damaged in transit in course of our pet food delivery operations at our online pet store ( www.Royalpetzone.com),we have started to give these to the ones who are not as lucky as our pet dogs are.What a good dog food can do,we came to know once we started giving the extra Royal canin/Drools focus from torn packets/crossed “best before” dates yet not expired to the dogs living on the opposite side of the street.The poor malnourished dogs showed so much improvement in weeks.At first we thought they won’t like dry food but they did.Now none of our pet food get wasted and we urge you do the same.



Now let’s cut the crap and get to the point.We will be mentioning some of the best branded dog food you can get anywhere in India without worrying too much about transport/availability for these food brands have well established distribution partners at present.When it comes to dogs in India,the first brand that comes up in a commoner’s mind is “Pedigree”.70% of uninformed dog owners in India while choosing dry food for the first time,go for pedigree.Well,we won’t say much but this we can tell,we are NOT recommending Pedigree brand for dog owners who want to feed their pet good food.

As for the available options,the best yet slightly expensive option is Royal Canin.

When it comes to specilisation,nothing comes close to the wide variations of food they offer.Their products range comprise generalized variations like Maxi(for breeds like Labrador,golden retriever,gsd) or mini(pug,maltese) to medium(beagle,bulldog) or giant(rottweiler,great dane,st.bernard).To get the perfect royal canin food,you need to identify the breed size of your dog(maxi/mini/medium/giant) and their pair it with their age factor(starter/junior/adult) to choose the right product .For starter pack,recommended age is 0-3months,junior 3-15months and adult above 15months.i.e-for a lab puppy of 3 months,the ideal food will be Royal Canin Maxi Junior.

Apart from these regular variants,they also provide some specilised versions like Labrador special/german shepherd special,however in our experience,we haven’t found any major difference between them.While these are not certainly marketing gimmicks and there are minor variations in ingredients and supplements,over our course of getting regular feedback from various pet owners,we haven’t found any noticeable difference between them.Still if you want,you can choose them any time.There’s no harm.But for new dog owners and for puppy owners who have no option but to opt for starter packs,generalized maxi-mini-giant-medium food will be sufficient.Also royal canin doesn’t provide specilised versions of starter packs needed for dogs up to 3 months age.

The second yet most underrated good food for pets is home-cooked meal.

Constant feeding of dry foods might affect your pet’s appetite in the long run and the best way to prevent this is to give home cooked meal to your dog at least once a day.This also makes the process economical as royal canin will be expensive than home cooked meal for regular use twice/thrice a day.However,we suggest to feed your dog quality dry food at least once a day so as to not miss out the supplements which are absent in home cooked rice-chicken meal.If you are not aware of substances which are good for humans but toxic/allergic for most dogs,do some reaserch before choosing home cooked meal.



In the recent years,another home grown brand has really come up and that is Drools.

While they were known for making economical food at first like pedigree,in the last 1 year or so, they have caught up with the standards of royal canin with their Drools Focus Super-premium dog food.These variants are suitable for all breeds,hence,for multiple breed dog owners this can be a respite from buying different food for each dog.Docus focus starter/puppy/adult really offer the best value for money as they are not overburdened by import duties which royal canin attract.We are not going to say much their other ranges like premium/nutrition range but we can vouch for focus brand.Also Drools purepet biscuits are worth recommending as they are one of the most premium dog biscuits we came across in recent years.

As for the last yet not the least recommended brand,Italy’s Farmina Cibau has really caught our attention

.We have not dealt directly with them yet,however we are hearing good things about them and you surely can give them a try.Farmina’s grain free food variants can be a boon for dogs allergic to corn and other grains.

Lastly,dogs do suffer from diseases how much we don’t want them to.In these cases,you might need special vet recommended food for conditions like hypoallergy,cardiac/urinary disorders or obesity.The best veterinary diet food in India is available from Royal Canin.So if your pet is suffering from any of these conditions,do give Royal Canin's Veterinary-diet range a try.

Having spent 6 years in the veterinary industry,we really recommend these brands.While every brand might not be suitable for your dog,all of these foods options are the only choices you have got if you want quality food.Do stay away from foods with cheap fillers like pedigree.Dog live lesser than us and it should be our priority to help them make the best of their time.