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I spoke to Krasa's Director Rahul Arora about his journey 


Wednesday May 18, 2016,

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General description ( About Rahul ) -

- So guys, today you are going to read about this guys who might motivate you to do something in life. Rahul Arora who is 19 year old Hyderabadi guy who is currently persuing his B.com Hons at NMIMS, Mumbai. He was a Head Boy at Hyderabad Public School, 2013-14. Some of HPS’ renowned alumni include: 1. Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft 2. T K Kurien, CEO Wipro 3. Shantanu Narayen, CEO Adobe 4. K.Hari Prasad, CEO Apollo Hospitals 5. Many celebs and ministers as well. Rahul Arora is certainly following the footsteps of his seniors.

And currently, he is Founder & Director, Krasa Innovation & Design Pvt. Ltd. His interests include Mixed martial arts and he has keen interest in sports as he has learnt and played many sports such as cricket, football, hockey, volleyball, boxing, polo and many others apart from lawn tennis. He has also loved to attend the MUN’s (Model United Nations) since the year 2012-13. He has been to many local MUN’s and visited Sri Lanka for the same. He represented India at the UN Headquarters, New York at the Global Young Leaders' Conference 2012 and was the Deputy chairperson for the global summit. Also he majorly loves Managing people and holding them together for work.

Three reasons why starting a business in college is a great idea!

Note: This article is not for students who have set professional goals and are working towards them, noris it for the ones wanting to do a business because everyone is doing so.

" Passion and Profit. If you believe in them, then go ahead!" - Rahul Arora

1. Financial Dependence, it's great for starting up!

During college, food - clothing - shelter are usually not the things we are worried about. We're well protected financially. This financial dependence on family is great! Your financial problems would more or less be restricted to your business. Unlike starting later on, when you have financial obligations towards yourself and your people! Many students complain about skipping meals and other things due to being "broke". Honestly, parents provide enough for us to eat and live healthy. What they may not provide us for, are the social luxuries (partying) or our personal unhealthy recreational habits (smoking, consuming alcohol or narcotics)

Well, it is better skipping meals and being "broke" by investing parts of your allowance in your business than spending it on drugs and alcohol. After all one must make their mind that, "broke" is temporary, "poverty" is eternal.

I like being dependent on my parents as a college student. It enables me to induce capital into my business without being accountable to anyone.

2. Procrastinating at college is beneficial for business!

I'm one college student who completes assignments just one night before the deadline and studies right before the exams! A big time procrastinator when it comes to college work. And it goes well! Most of us at college do behave similarly! This leaves me with loads of free time, every day. One can dedicate these free hours, everyday, to the business. Exactly what I do.

3. Being a kid, helps business.

While many students are working towards looking older and being treated as adults, I enjoy being treated as a kid. The fact that our families and the society still treats us as kids who are growing up, rids us of additional responsibilities and pressure. The pressure of earning and making a living.

People who know about my struggle and the business I am operating are extremely pleased and appreciative. They appreciate the fact that a "kid" is doing something (irrespective of what that might be).

While on the other hand, if I were to begin post my graduation, my family and I would be humiliated, if not directly, for the fact that I am still struggling to make money. Despite what one's perspective might be of how the society affects them, the fact is, it certainly is an added pressure.

You are expected to support your family after a point of time. After all, I wouldn';t mind skipping meals or lowering my personal standard of living for building my business. But not at the cost of my family's well being.

Being a kid, I also get consultations and advice worth lacs, completely free! My professors and other professionals I know, whose names are heavily armed with respectable designations and degrees they hold, help me with business, and they don't charge. Only because I'm a "kid" enthusiastic and motivated to build a business.

Every college student has this benefit. And it's worth millions! Value the people around you, use their . Only because I'm a "kid" enthusiastic and motivated to build a business,knowledge and experience as much as you can, after all this is the only time of your life when you can get all of it for free!

Here is what nobody tells you. Three reasons why starting a business in college is a great idea!

Talking about the other side-

While we've always heard from our elders as to why we shouldn't be starting a business before completing our education, reasons being distraction from academics, fear of depression from failure and lack of experience. (Of which we've all heard a lot about).