Know yourself

    This is story about my self. Who is fighting himself to prove himself. 

    23rd Mar 2017
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    I hate nervousness. Before I start introducing myself, I have something for you…? You don’t need to answer, this is for you.

    I am telling a story of a person, who always know, “I don’t know”.

    Story is:

    A young boy looking for a job to pay his tuition fee for BCA first semester. The tuition fee was 3400 bucks, which is a huge amount for this person, who had never seen in his life even a 500 bucks.

    One day he got interview opportunity for math teacher from a reputed school of Patna, I.e DPS Shekpura, The day was 24th September 2001, Monday.

    Early morning, the boy reached the venue and super very excited for the job.

    He was very confident in his math skill Because He knows that He has done a good job in board exam.

    The boy was very nervous, He didn’t any idea what will happen in next 30 mins.

    With trembling legs, He has knocked the principle’s cabin door and speak “Kya mai ander aa saktaa hun sir” – “May I come in sir”

    Principle: “Yes, Come in”

    The interview started:

    First question principle asked, “Please give me your resume”

    Boys answered: I don’t know [Principle was giving one smile and was thinking if has understood my language.]

    Principle asks another question: Tell me about yourself!!!

    Boys answered: the same answer which was “I don’t know”!

    With the big smile on a face, Principal was asking the same question again and again “Tell me about yourself!!!”

    The principle was looking with astonishment; He was hearing the same answer from that boy. “I don't know”

    [Principle has given one big smile and stop for while second pause and ask the another question]

    That question was very relaxable for the boy. Which is familiar for everyone and everyone know from necessary class.

    The question was: “What is your Name”.

    Boys Answered with pumped chest: “Sir, My name is Vikas Kumar Verma”

    Another question followed, “What is your first Name”

    Vikas: Sir “Vikas” answered.

    Principle: What is Vikas

    The boy replied “V-I-K-A-S.

    Principle had good smile and he asked I mean the meaning of vikas

    Boys replied again “V-I-K-A-S”.

    Principle stopped him there

    No, No I am asking, Meaning of Vikas

    Boys Answer: V-I-K-A-S

    I am not asking your name spelling asking meaning

    Boys reply again: I don't know

    Principle stood from his seat and banging on the table he said Vikas you should know about yourself first.

    Vikas was in tears, He said: “I don’t Know”.

    Principle reply: First, You should know about yourself.

    Boys reply: I don't know. He is crying.

    Principles try to counseling by saying that

    VIkas mujhe lagtaa hai tumhe english nahi aati hai. pahle tum apna name english mai jaanoo. phir mere paas aana job keliye .

    Vikas I think you don’t know English you don't understand English. First, understand learn the meaning of your name in English then come me for job.

    agar tumhe chahiye to ek job hai mere paas Peaon ki.

    If you want job which Peaon position

    In the early morning you have to come up and clean the all school dust and bench etc. and take care of babies. I will give you 800 bucks for this job.

    Vikas was feeling very guilty about himself. He was very upset and had tears in his eyes.

    The interview had ended and Vikas was on the road again.

    He does not know what had happened to him that day.

    But Today He knows himself, what he has done with his life.

     I am Vikas Kumar Verma and I know the meaning of My name Vikas “Development”.

    I have developed myself as Microsoft certified professional and specialist and I am leaving my professional life as Senior Software Engineer with Sapient.

    I have received honored from Microsoft, Topcoder. Moreover, I am a Toastmaster.

    At the and I am happy with everything, god has blessed with me.

    Thank you

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