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How to create Amazon niche site that makes you 1000$ a month

How to create Amazon niche site that makes you 1000$ a month

Friday June 08, 2018,

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We are very much aware of the presence of Amazon in our lives. The e-commerce giant has many affiliates programs which help anyone to make money by using their or other platforms. There are many possibilities of earning online out which e-commerce is the most prominent one.

Today, we will discuss building an Amazon niche site which can generate an income of $1000 a month. Are you aware of the fact that you can earn via Amazon or use their assistance? If not, it is high time that you are made aware. It is one of the quickest ways to start earning in a smart way. we need to understand Amazon niche sit before create it.

What is Amazon niche site?

A site which earns from Amazon affiliate program using affiliate links or banners placed throughout their site is the textbook definition of Amazon niche site.

A simple and straightforward explanation about this topic, with constant support and assistance from Amazon, you have a huge earning potential. You need to recognize the opportunity and then grab it immediately.

Creating Amazon Niche Site

Creating an Amazon niche site can be considered as a step by the procedure. The reason being, you need to follow these steps in the same order in order to create a successful site which has the potential to earn. These crucial steps to follow are:

• Niche

First and the biggest obstacle + decision that you need to take is niche. Finding the right product or products that are less competitive and profitable and you should be passionate about the product is the biggest challenge. This will be the building blocks for your niche site.

Try to choose something that you are passionate about like animals or health care or life care products. This will be a huge bonus for you in the long run.

• Domain

Domain name has to precisely define your niche with a broader sense. It shouldn’t be narrowed to a single type of product rather, it should define a huge number of products. For example, jogging shoes is your actual niche, you would choose joggingshoes.com. Instead you could choose the domain name joggersguide.com which is better and covers a varied number of products including shoes. Decide on a domain name and check for its availability. If it is available, book if so that no one else can grab it before you do.

• Host and WordPress

Buying a domain can be made free via host servicing. Research for those hosts who provide free domain if we use their hosting services, this saves money on domain name. Coming to the WordPress layout, everything is at your disposal. You need to input data, tweak and customize few things that defines your niche and you are all set. The mandatory plugins are SEO, widgets that support product and content.

• Keyword

I’d recommend a manual research of keywords is better than using tools. Tools will have set number of keyword results which would be reiterated to many of the users. So, it is a tedious yet necessary job to manually find as many keywords as possible. Try to create or find new keyword which can create trends and highlight your site. Think like a buyer for your niche and you will have more than a few keywords at the top of your head.

• Content

This is the most important part which defines and suggests products to consumers. You need to know about your niche well enough to write an excellent content. Your content should be based on these factors:

o A catchy headline

o A simple introduction

o Pros and cons of the products is a must

o Writing should be conversational

o Diversified approach

With these factors, your content will certainly attract the right audience and thereby start your earning. Keep the content word count in between 1000 to 1500 with lots of pointers and bullets.

• Hire Writers

There are lots of freelancers available over various platforms to write for your site. You need to find a sensible writer who can deliver what you need. Various platforms like Fiverr.com, Guru.com, and Freelancer.com have unlimited content creators for you to explore and use their services. All you need to do is, explain what you need along with keywords, the rest will be taken care of. You should be able to ask for editing and SEO optimized content as well.


To be more precise, on-page SEO is the best option that you have. The WordPress plugin has SEO inbuilt which can be exploited to its optimum level. Some of the tips that you need to follow are:

o Clear navigation menu

o Rich content

o Interlink blog posts

o Main keyword should be in h2 tag

o Own images would be better than copied ones while reviewing

o Avoid using Amazon product images

o Text link

With these tips and tricks, are almost set to launch your site. A couple more steps to ensure everything in place needs to be followed.

• Link and building links

Link and building links is quite necessary. So follow these steps to create backlinks:

o Guest Posts

o Forum links

o Social media

o Blog comments

o Well written articles

With these subtle yet effective steps, the presence of your site will start spreading.

• Additional Optimization

This step is post-launch, I’d recommend after first few months to tweak the site a little bit to ensure that you are following the current trends in the market.

o Localize the links

o Amazon ads on sidebar

o Affiliate links on content

o Check Price is better than Buy Now for anchoring

o Add cart link can be used to increase the cookie validity to 90 days.


With time, patience and proper efforts, you will start seeing the results. Try to reinvest the income to improve your niche site to expand the blog. Constant monitoring and updates of the blog is a must. Check cozzy.org for assistance in building Amazon niche site. I hope this information will help you build your own Amazon niche site!