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How to create your business when you don’t have money?

How to create your business when you don’t have money?

Wednesday June 14, 2017,

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You are a young entrepreneur and you have a great entrepreneurial project, but starting your activity at the beginning is complicated. Do you know that coworking has many advantages for starting a business?

Everything is based on an idea that you have elaborated and from thread to needle this idea takes the form of an entrepreneurial project. You may work in collaboration with friends or family members. You work at home but it starts to get complicated. Your sister revises her partials out loud for hours and prevents you from concentrating. Or is it the TV that taunts you because you know that at this time is broadcast your favorite show? You are in need of a separation between private life and professional life in order to devote yourself fully to your entrepreneurial project. So you're going to need somewhere to work.

But how can you rent premises when you create your business and your means are limited?

Waiting for the long-awaited fundraiser you will not have the means to rent offices and pay the charges that go with it. And this even if your activity begins to generate cash receipts. This is where coworking comes in! Coworking is a great way to start your online business when you do not have money and here's why:

All the comfort and benefits of a real company but at a lower cost

In a coworking space you will have everything you need to carry out your project (domiciliation, internet, printer, comfortable premises, kitchen, meeting room, video projector, storage locker etc.). On average the rental price of a coworking space revolves around $200 in US and $225 outside US. On the other hand the coworking is affordable and allows you to work elsewhere than at home.

Before being a workspace the coworking is above all a community

What makes the coworking force is its community. People looking to the future who share common values such as sharing and open-mindedness. In a coworking space it is not uncommon to discuss and learn about subjects such as economics, science, politics or "future" technologies. This state of mind is generating ideas and is ideal for an entrepreneur.

In contact with other coworkers you can confront your project with a critical and professional look that will be good advice. For example, if you have to pitch for a background, it is certain that you will find coworkers ready to listen to your presentation and tell you what they think. We always need an outside perspective. What's better than the point of view of people like you working on entrepreneurial projects?

The community is rich in skills

Within a coworking space the skills are multiple. There are freelancers, teleworkers and entrepreneurs. All work in different fields. Coworkers have complementary skills. For example, if you need information about social media (inevitable in a communication strategy today), it's a safe bet that a freelance community manager hangs around in a corner of your coworking space. He will be able to give you important information on the subject. And if you really need his skills he can offer you a service to ensure your communication on social networks. Eventually the coworking community is a professional network that offers many opportunities.

Improve your own skills through training

An entrepreneur must be touching everything. It is often compared to a Swiss, multi-task and versatile knife. Managing the communication strategy, dealing with administrative formalities, establishing a commercial policy, etc. But you do not necessarily have all the skills you need. And you do not necessarily have the means to pay someone to do what you cannot do.

Again, coworking is a good solution. Indeed, workshops and trainings are regularly organized in a coworking space. Need to train on Photoshop? Coding? At the basics of community management? Coworking is conducive to learning. Knowledge sharing is one of the values of coworking.

Coworking, a temporary but advantageous solution

Between an office rental and coworking, there is no photo! Coworking is much more beneficial when starting an entrepreneurial project and having no money. In addition, coworking is a work space where productivity is greater. So there are many advantages to integrating the coworking community.

But if your business is successful (what you want), you will sooner or later go through the office rental to develop. Coworking is a temporary solution of transition between work at home and office rental. This transition makes it possible to start your activity in a professional environment without undergoing the burden of the financial expenses.

Now that you are convinced that coworking is the way to go when you are a young entrepreneur, come and take a look at the Workshop!