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Fun and practical activities for you and your child

Spending quality time with your child is crucial for his development. Recent studies have shown that a short but high quality time spent with your kid is more effective than staying with him all the time, without fructifying this period. This is why it is very important to get him involved in all kind of activities in order to create a stronger bound and contribute to his evolution. It is essential to teach your little one several things that will be useful for him when he grows up, making sure you two have fun together. 

Fun and practical activities for you and your child

Thursday June 29, 2017,

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Teach him to sew

Before starting this operation, it is essential to have a very important tool: a good sewing machine. It is recommended to teach your child to sew. Whether you have a little boy or a girl, this occupation will be helpful when he grows up and you will not be around to fix possible disasters. In addition, it is a fun hobby for both of you. You can make princesses or superheroes costumes, stuffed toys or even create a new and unique wardrobe. The advantage is that he will have customized items, specially made for him. Sewing with your bare hands can be exhausting and produce sight problems. Futhermore, the chances of getting stung are big, and you will risk transforming this pleasant activity into a tiring, stressful one. There are many types of sewing machines, suitable for all kind of needs. You can start with simple projects, and, with the passing of time, when you get experience, continue with others more complex.


Involve your child in cooking activities

Children have incredible abilities that should be discovered from an early age. It is important for him to try new things in order to see what he likes and what he doesn’t, and improve the things he is good at. Cooking could be a fun and useful activity for you two. Remember that you need to teach him things that will be useful in the future. Children usually love to play with ingredients, so join them in order to create delicious plates. You can teach him the basic things, and when he gains more experience, try to cook different types of food in various combinations. You can make cookies, salads, cakes, or healthy dishes. Your little one could even choose to be a chef when he grows up.


Take walks together

Walks are very important for a little child, as he can enjoy fresh air and waste all his extra energy. Dedicate at least one hour a day to walks. You can go to a park, to the Zoo, or an ice cream shop. While you do that, help him get familiar with the supermarket, schools, libraries and parks. Explain to him why these places are important for people. Use landmarks that are in your neighborhood. He will get used to these locations and you will prepare him to go there alone when he gets older.

Divide chores

Responsibility is an important feature that should be developed from an early age. When you need to clean the house, to do the dishes or to wash laundry, ask your child to help you. Dividing chores is very important for you and your little one. Although it may seem a boring activity even for adults, you can make it fun using different strategies:


The color game. Choose the green color, for example. Tell the kids to look for every green object on the floor to pick it up and put it at its place. Then, you can replace green with another color, depending on the types of objects that are messy.

• Use music. Everything is funnier with music and daily chores are no exception. Take your time to select the songs that your child loves and use them whenever you need to clean your house. You can even dance while you do it. The time will fly and your house will be clean in a blink.

• Set a timer and encourage your kids to accomplish different activities before the time is over. For example, challenge your children to make their bed in 5 minutes. You can choose the time depending on the type of chore. Whenever they get tired or bored, help them or start doing something else.

It is fun and easy to teach your child new things and have fun. Remember that these activities are necessary for his evolution and will serve him in the future. It is important for your kid to enjoy doing them, so be relaxed and positive. You will discover that your little one has many abilities.