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Challenge it Achieve it!!

Saturday October 01, 2016,

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Woman is the important part of society who is held responsible for the development from within the society & it is really interesting to look at the problems and handle them from her perspective.

Ms. Harsha Ramnani is an astute professional continuously seeking to enhance the skills and the knowledge of professional colleagues. She is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, DISA, CCCA and commerce graduate from Kanoria Girls College with rank 1. She is recently honored by the title “The Corporate Diva” (Women Recognition Awards, 2016) from Rajatshan Patrika, Jaipur, A Leading newspaper of Rajasthan for the Year 2016

She has battled all odds after completing her studies and risen to such heights in the profession to become the youngest women partner in her firm. She is highly respected across all textile industry, banking industry and other client industries. She always has a keen interest in working in the righteous manner. She is full time working partner in leading chartered accountant firm and apart from her busy schedule, she try to devote her time in below activities:

Training to Interns: Work with Fun:

She is the regular Faculty and Trainer for the Orientation Training Programs and General Management Communication Skills Programme conducted by the professional institutions. She is also good trainer who has the ability to understand the requirement of a group assigned to her and actively involved into grooming of the interns and other students on various technical as well as soft skills. She is able to motivate individuals to achieve their desired goals.

Regular writing increases knowledge:

As writing is her hobby and interest, she has authored two publications of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. She has been the author of the "Technical Guide on how to perform an internal audit in textile industry "which is published by Internal Audit Standard Board of ICAI in September 2012 and "Technical Guide on Rajasthan VAT" which is published by Indirect Taxation Committee of ICAI in September 2014 and revised in July 2015. She has also authored many write-ups and articles published in various newsletters, platforms of ICAI, ICSI and of many others.

Chartered Scanner (Magnifying Law & Compliance):

She believes in sharing the knowledge and by Chartered Scanner, she is dedicated to share whatever she is learning in due course. With this interest she started platforms for sharing of knowledge among professionals. Her aim behind this blog is:

1. To provide recent updates on various issues in the Commerce & Finance

2. To provide a web platform for interaction with professional of their fraternity.

One Step Higher- A Power Within:

Woman is the most important part of society who is held responsible for the development from within the society & it’s somewhat really interesting to look at the problems & tackle them from her perspective. “One Step Higher” is a publication started by a group of professional women including me seeking to create an environment of awareness & knowledge with responsibility, not only technical but also general to among the mass youth. Its first edition has been published in March 2016.

The purpose of serving of this publication is however, neither limited to a particular section or group of society nor to any particular age or gender.

Girls Education in Commerce stream: Changing Paradigm:

When I was a trainee, there were 90% boys and 10% girls but the time has changed now. Girls are choosing commerce stream and pursuing their career also. Earlier, it was a thought that commerce is only for boys and girls can’t pursue their career in this stream.

Gender Discrimination-A Different Perspective:

It’s not like we read everywhere. We always read on various plateforms that parents are not allowing their girl child for studies or career but it’s not true every time. According to me sometimes family and society are not to be blamed because there are some girls who are not taking initiative to talk about their desire and passion. First of all, it is girls’ responsibility to take a step ahead and show her keen interest in particular field.