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Mixr - Discover, Chat and Hangout!

Mixr, A new social discovery app helps you connect with like minded folks. In company of your own friends!

Wednesday October 26, 2016,

4 min Read

Mixr is a new app that gets gangs (groups/squads) of friends together.

Have you felt awkward meeting unknown people over these dating and social apps? Have you felt that it would be great to have had a friend along on such awkward and shady meetings to save the day for you? If yes, here is your answer. Pune based social tech company Palatable brings out a nice way to make friends called Mixr. Most of us feel awkward breaking the ice and meeting strangers for the first time. Notice how that immediately changes when you are in the company of your friends? One or more of your trusted circle can make this process so much easier. Mixr isn’t specifically a dating app, but a way for two groups of friends to hang out. 

Mixr is a free iOS and Android app that connects groups of friends via the right swipe interface, similar to other social apps, instead of two strangers for explicit romantic or non-platonic interests. Because Mixr concentrates on building organic relationships which is the considered one of the best ways to meet people like how you’d meet new people at a house party, music festivals, pottery class, trekking or camping, there are chances of finding your partner during these Mixrs. They believe that platonic connections and friendships are the first essential step to meaningful relationships and life experiences. With that in mind, Mixr has created a platform for users to meet fun, like-minded people in their city.

To keep interactions free from sleaze and safe for its users, Mixr also insists on bringing a friend into every interaction. The idea is to team up with a buddy (or two) and then find other such 'gangs'. Swipe the ones you like and if they do too, you are ready to know them better over a secure chat. This way even if you are looking to date, you will have an activity to do or with a presence of you friend makes the whole arrangement low key and keeps happy vibes all around. Meetings will be more fun and not like an interview for your next corporate job.

Online friends and connections have been the de facto social mechanism for interactions between Millennials. However current generations of apps don't go far enough by limiting themselves to a narrow slice of possible interactions. Mixr provides its users a variety of reasons for mixing and matching: friendship, common interests, partying, traveling or just indulging in dining and drinking.

There are a lot of dating sites around with the pressure of meeting specifically to get married on day 1 or those ones where even making a profile even raises eyebrows within our friend circles. And there are the ones where it is all about a romantic. Mixr focuses on browsing like-minded people for friendships and platonic relationships with no pressure of dating or hookups. You are meeting a bunch of friends with your bunch see if you can flock together. With no pressure of meeting till you are comfortable with the other half. Mixr is here to connect with the real life experience with people which is no match for any other social networks.

Why Mixr is better?

• Safer: With friends in tow, there's little fear that a date will spike your drink during a trip to the bathroom. It's more natural, akin to happy-hour mixing ( they literary have got your back here)

• Platonic: Mixr focuses on making organic connections which is similar to when group of friends hang out at bars, restaurants and cafes. You get to chat with each other way before you actually hangout with the other gang! Let’s agree – the best relationships come from being friends first!

• Nicer: Mixr removes the awkwardness when 2 strangers meet normally for a date or even, casually. With your not less than 1 friend along, the hanging out in Mixr is comfortable. Mixr isn’t specifically a dating app, but a way for two groups of friends to meet up. No pressure of calling it a date.

• Life Goals: Meeting new and cool people like you is great!

• No rule of when to make the first call: Mixr never shows a phone number and yet to get to chat real time with the other group. No hang-ups, no rules, just plain fun!

The best experiences in life coming from taking it slow. It is no surprise then that studies show that the best dating opportunities too come to those who take the time to first build a larger friends' circle. 

Mixr is Nicr, Safr, Smartr and Bettr!

Download the app here (iOS and Android)

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