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Time management Mantras for IAS Coaching and Preparation

One of the most important elements taken care at the IAS coaching institutes during guiding a student for the exam is “time management”. Success will be yours if you can manage your time properly during the preparation of IAS. 

Time management Mantras for IAS Coaching and Preparation

Tuesday November 01, 2016,

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The time between the Prelims and the Mains of IAS is extremely vital for the students. Many students waste their time and energy for the preparing the prelims resulting in the lack of energy and time for the Mains.

The in-between time should be used for the purpose of revision of the entire syllabus and that is just the herculean task. There are just 5 months for this task and the main preparation for the Mains has to be completed before the Prelims.

To adjust all this one needs to think wisely and go ahead with a planned time management. Here are some of the mantras one can consider during the preparation phase.

Make a real not strict timetable

Making a good time table is the initial and crucial time management strategy of IAS exam preparation. Many of the IAS coaching helps their students out to make a proper time table. Many of the students tend to make a strict timetable including each second and every minute which becomes tough to follow after a certain time.

They get tired of following the strict timetable and fail to study well before the exam. Make a real time chart, which can be followed smoothly without tiring the brain and affecting peace.

Plan practical, small and accomplishable targets

Exaggerating the potential while making the timetable is sometimes done by IAS students which preparing for the entrance exam. The topics in the IAS syllabus are tough and it is hard to cover them in the short time span. This leads to mental stress for the students. Understanding the topics and their concepts is important for an IAS student to make a practical and short target plan which can be achieved within a short period of time.

Divide and study

For achieving the target of completing the syllabus within the short time span and then again start the revision, break the vast syllabus into small parts and start preparing for it. Organize your study time according to the division of topics you have made.

Starting with the topics which are easy as they will be quicker to complete is a wise time management strategy for an IAS student.

Know when to give up

Sticking to a particular topic whose concept is not being clear, for a long time is wastage of time and energy. Avoiding such instances is crucial for IAS preparation. Choose another topic and study that and come back to that topic again later.

These are just a few ones which a student of IAS can implement during the preparation. IAS Coaching helps in the time management of the students by helping them out in preparation.

Join one of the IAS Coaching in Chandigarh for proper implementation of your time and score well in the exam.