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Best ERP Software for SMEs in India

Best ERP Software for SMEs in India

Saturday April 11, 2020,

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Small and medium-sized enterprises are fast realizing the need of having an enterprise resourcing planning (ERP) software in place. The software that can help manage the day to day business activities such as accounting, sales, finance, procurement, planning, and supply chain operations. So, if you have been running a legacy system you may already know the value that an ERP provides. It eliminates instances of data duplication, mitigates errors, and automates businesses like never before.  

So, instead of having hundreds of spreadsheets.and disparate systems to manage every vital business function, you can consider having an ERP that makes a difference. ERP systems can bring order to chaos from the quarterly financial statements, keeping a tab of sales, managing customer records, bills of materials, and so much more. With a centralized place, everyone in your business can stay on the same page. It is impossible to ignore the impact an ERP has in the business world. 

As we have discussed what value an ERP brings for your business, let’s dive deep and see what makes the best ERP software for SMEs.  We have chosen these ERPs owing to their proven capabilities to meet the intricate requirements of a dynamic business. Even though there are multiple ERP software to choose from, we believe ERP software listed here stands apart from the rest in terms of usability, reliability, security, performance, and affordability wise.

SAP Business One ERP

Trusted by 60,000 customers across the globe, SAP Business One is a globally accepted software used by the leading small and medium-sized enterprises. It is smart, affordable and end-to-end enterprise resource planning software that streamlines the entire purchasing process from finance to sales and admin, inventory to project management, and everything in between. With in-built business intelligence software, it is easy to rest your decisions on facts and figures. Deployed both on-premise and on-cloud, SAP Business One Cloud renders great flexibility to scale your business as and when the need grows. SAP Business One also supports the new laws of GST as per the new GST laws and is a GST-Ready ERP that facilitates automated reporting of e-invoice to government portal and GST returns. The software is a delight to use making you feel that is custom made for you. 

Tally ERP 

Tally ERP has some amazing features and functionalities which also make it one of the nicest ERP software in the market. Tally ERP is more than the basic Tally accounting software which is primarily focused on accounting, managing inventory, GST, and other vital back-office functions. Tally is the oldest and renowned software but it is yet on the way to fully integrated software. The software is good and advisable for SMEs where data volume is not that higher and the business is not operating multinational or operating globally.  

Sage ERP

Sage ERP renders solutions from startups to small and medium-sized enterprises with its robust suite of features and functionalities. A preferred choice of leading business leaders, Sage ERP helps you to streamline accounting and finance tasks, collaborate with finance, marketing and manage various business functions like sales, inventory, purchase etc. This ERP can also scale as your business needs evolve making it a nicer option to have. 

Marg ERP

Marg ERP is a leading provider who has been an instrumental player in enabling businesses with GST. We deliver inventory and accounting business solutions that help businesses to embark on the GST journey. This ERP provides extensive business solutions like payroll software, attendance software, leave management empowering businesses to ride a wave of success into GST.  

Strategic ERP

Strategic ERP is specifically designed software meant for the construction industry, real estate and infrastructure industry to manage everything between departments, manage records, inventory, and many more. The software is developed with an Artificial Intelligence system that works like a natural human intelligence making it different from the rest. 

Epicor ERP 

Easily manage every part of your business with Epicor ERP. You can manage leads, customers, contacts, and quotes—from the opportunity to order. Manage recruitment to retirement, manage all aspects of planning, scheduling, and supply chain with a single ERP. Specially designed for manufacturers, this ERP helps all leading manufacturing businesses to stay profitable.  

Apart from the ones listed above, there are many best ERP software that fit best for your business needs. So, you can keep this information handy and decide which remains the number one choice for your business. You should rest your choice on such software that can meet your current and future business needs. The software you can rely on your business on and help you expand your business globally with global capabilities.