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What is digital marketing?

Sunday September 24, 2017,

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Digital marketing is technology driven marketing of goods and services worldwide, also named data-driven marketing. The emergence of digital was developed since the 2000s and is transforming the society purchase behavior. Digital marketing is marketing of goods or services through the internet where mobile is playing a major role in selling the goods or services through online.

Digital marketing techniques include Search engine optimization, Search engine marketing, Content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, social media etc…

The consumer can access information from anywhere and able to access as many products as they want, compare the product features, price, quality, color etc….relevant to the products. Digital marketing connects organization and customers and business transactions are transparent. Customers can access to lots of information from the market before purchasing the product. It’s a place for the customer to know customers review, rating, compare product data, pricing analysis and much more. Communication has become easy for the organization by reaching the customers within a shortened span of time with the low budget. Customers get satisfied through customization of the product by Interacting with the customer.

If a customer Plans for a product purchase, 80 Percent (according to google) rely on websites to find and choose local business. The first set of information the customer gets is from the website. More than 2/3 of the world population is now online and it’s increasing day by day. Most of the Organizations are increasing their promotional budget in digital marketing because the marketers are able to simplify their selling process by identifying the customers and retain the customers profitably. Customer relationship management is one of the aspects of marketing to identify the new customers and to retain the existing customers through the customer database.

Organizations are investing in digital marketing techniques such as content marketing and big data in order to increase engagement across different inbound channels including organic and paid search. The world is becoming so small with Digital marketing and transforming the shopping behavior of customers.

To conclude, Digital marketing is digitalization the customer's thoughts, Satisfy the customers and delight the customers and maintain the customer value.

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