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    List of top 10 eCommerce website builders in the world

    By Bright Livingstone
    July 04, 2017, Updated on : Mon Jul 13 2020 17:12:51 GMT+0000
     Find out the best e-commerce development companies in getting the best store for your business. Never be worried again, with this list in hand.
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    The shift of gears in this world from offline to online medium is one reason why you can go for creating your ecommerce store online. While there are 100s of companies which claim themselves to be superior, I would like to list few for your review based on certain underlying principles / Features mentioned here. Im listing the companies based on the ease of doing business with their softwares vis~a~vis pricing structure.



    1. Inventories.

    2. Orders

    3. Customers

    4. Pricing Rules

    5. Shipping Rules

    6. Modules and Themes

    7. Administration

    8. Preferences

    9. Blogs

    10. Multi-Linguals,

    11. Multi-currency( Geo Based Currency Switch)

    The above are the top 11 main categories through which a software should be evaluated. Im lisitng out companies based on the ease of operations.

    I would like to take you round the stages we need to consider inEcommerce development.

    1. Domain and Hosting Preparations.

    The reason I put here is, you have to come out with a name and then do the logo so we would have a brand identity carved in before we start the ecommerce design / development. This would cost in around USD 14 for domain and USD 120 for Hosting in a VPS Server( Not shared Servers)

    2. UI/UX

    The User Expeiences, wireframe of the store has to be given a thought. You need to come up with a plan to define the navigation of the ecommerce store and then give colors to the navigation based on the brand.

    3. Ecommerce Core Development.

    Here the designing has to integrated into the store. You have to convert the store and mend them with the ecommerce functions to perform better. Hence, this is muchimportant.

    4. Shipping Integration:

    Keep a talk with your ecommerce shipping companies. Once you are done, let the integrators pushin the informations from the shippers to the store like AWB , so users can see them in a single unified dashbords.

    5. Payment Gateways.

    There are more than 140+ Payment solutions. Tie up with the solution where the success rate falls above 99%.

    6. Testing.

    once development is done, you need to test your script for any vulnerabilities and lags. Testing will take 15 days and will be much important as to prove your website is bug free.

    7. Deployment to live.

    Make sure you deploy your server to live after implementing all the points mentioned in 1 to 6. Never miss out anything and compromise your performance.

    Here is the list of top 10 Companies by their ability to fulfil the above criteria

    1. webnexs.

    Webnexs has been consistently providing ecommerce solutions to 100+ clients and many of them has been in market operating successfully including 25+ Entreprises like VVD, Homy, Tasteclub etc. The success of their client lies in webnexs software which helps them to connect their users requirements to the goals they have ascribed to. In this fashion, I rank webnexs #1 Ecommerce solution. Though they have products, they fittingly try to provide best solutions that meet the clients requirement. They donot push in the products of thiers to the client outright, where other companies try doing so.They provide 600+ Features and 100+ Design solutions for your store, with all the abvoe points done and integrated.

    You can have a view of their 600+ Features Doc here

    2. Sparx It Solutions:

    Sparx it solutions offers ecommerce for its clients in platforms like zencart, php, opencart etc. It renders its clients good solutions that can help them to scale their business online. They are also one of the top ecommerce development company in the world, which can be placed under top 10. They have serviced to around 120 Ecommerce stores in last 3 years.

    3. Ellipsis Infotech.

    They Provide one of the easy to manage ecommerce solutions. They have easy to manage solutions with good security features. Their ecommerce culture speaks about payment gateways, social collaborations, External applications etc. Overall Elipsis can be awarded with 3/10th rank. They provide well designed ecommerce websites which enjoy hassle free solutions in the market.

    4. Archwing.

    Archwings offer customised ecommerce solutions. They locate themselves unique based on the reason that they provide tailored solutions depending upon theneeds of the clients. They have module development, customised ecommerce solutions development. They provide community edition software for ecommerce business. If you are looking for a cheap website development company, they are the ultimate ones for your busienss.

    5. Evince Development.

    They are located in chennai. They feature them as end to end ecommerce partner to provide cutting edge ecommerce solutions for your brand. They provide solutions in leading ecommerce platforms including shopify, magento, woocommerce. They perform stuffs in the realm of ecommerce design, development. Best fit to be called as the saviour of small business ecommerce solutions. They have completed around175+ Ecommerce projects in past 3 years. Good take for a small ecommerce vendor.

    6. Savvycomsoftware

    They build web applications, bring in intense user expereicens, assigns solutions and provide with a good user experience research. A fantastic company to proceed with for ecommerce development. Though a small team, they sail to make many big players wonderful.

    7. Agriya

    One of the best ecommerce development company in Chennai. They have been serving over 250 clients in last 2 years. But there werent many speaking off them public, their actions show, they are one of the top players. They have over 50 scripts to create any website clone in under 10 minutes. Their engineers are much focussed to provide perfect ecommerce applications. A little costlier solution.

    8. RaagaDesigners.

    In the field of ecommerce development since 2000. Has contirbuted many succeesful products. They have been working in the segments of ecommerce, mobile app development, website designing, PSD designing etc. They boast to have wonderful ecommerce team. But their success lies in their quick support and best turnaround time

    9. Hyperlinkinfosystem

    They provide ecommerce solutions in the platforms like magento, prestashop, virtuemart, opencart etc. They have a beatuful team to cater to the requirements. All their team is foccussed towards the success of the businesses. Their dedicated developers are nothing less than perfect engineers. You can expect to get an awesome support coupled with good development from the team.

    10. Appkodes

    Situated in the southern part of india, they are one of the ecommerce providers. They have solutions in pipeline to cater to the world geographies. They have been delivering projects since 2015. They do as well have readymade scripts solving the requirments of booking customers. You can contact for ecommerce platforms, mobile application development. They cater to all small business development.

    Additional top 2 ecommerce Companies based on curation from web:

    11. Inkoniq

    Its one company that provides technology, thought, expertise to deliver awesome experiences. They deliver UX Designed product deevlopment. They are into user experience design, Mobile app development, Stategy consulting. They can develop ecommerce in the fields of wordpress, drupal, CMS Development, Magneto, Opencart etc. One company which has a good idea and command on its ideas. They Deliver what they do.

    12. Ogeninfo

    Ecommerce provider for small business solutions. They work around providing best solutions to those businesses which has got to change their exisitng ecommerce portal or should need to redo theirs due to some updations, you can go with ogeninfo.

    Thank you for reading out my article. If you need any clarifications, im glad to address here in the comments section of the page.