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The Dark Sides of SEO that No One Tells You

The Dark Sides of SEO that No One Tells You

Sunday September 22, 2019,

4 min Read

SEO or search engine optimization is a big and growing field in digital marketing. SEO gives lots of benefits in terms of customer acquisition, branding, website traffic, and online reputation.

With these all benefits or brightness in SEO, there are some dark sides also which most of the marketers don't tell you.

Today, I am going to share those dark sides of SEO with you.

I am sharing this with you even I am also a marketer or SEO geek with 7+ years experience in this SEO & digital marketing field.

Here you will come to know 3 dark sides of SEO.

#1 SEO Takes Time which is not Defined & Clear

SEO runs on the mercy of search engines algorithms which is not clearly known by any expert.

As an SEO expert, we give an estimated time for good ranking and visibility. We tell clients that it will take minimum 6 months or 9 months to see good results.

But, in reality sometimes it takes less than 6 months or some time it takes more than 9 months.

Estimation of website ranking in top search results depends upon your website niche, online competition, keyword difficulty, and quality links indexation.

If you have hired a well-experienced SEO expert then you can achieve ranking in minimum time. But, due to a shortage of well-experienced SEO expert in the market clients has to invest lots of money and time on the project. This creates huge frustration for the client.

Suggestion: Hire an experienced SEO expert with a minimum of 5+ years experience and knowledge of all fundamentals of SEO

#2 SEO Needs High-Quality Content

You have heard this so many time from your local, in house and agency SEO experts that they need content for SEO. Sometimes you able to provide the content but sometimes you failed to provide.

But most of SEO's don't know which type of content will work for which projects and what time and cost.

SEO requires high-quality content which has data, statistics, facts, and figures. This type of content needs lots of money and time which every client can't afford.

Due to low quality and unrelated content SEO takes more and more time to give top website ranking.

Suggestion: Hire an SEO expert who has experience of creating and optimizing content for almost every niche with data

#3 SEO Sometimes Wastes Money

Yes, you read right. SEO sometimes wastes money and this is due to:-

  • Hiring unqualified SEO's
  • Lack of quality content
  • Lack of premium SEO tools for research
  • Lack of budget and time

But, most of the time money gets wasted in SEO due to hiring a wrong SEO expert and low budget.

Suggestion: Hire an SEO expert with previous good records and client testimonials. Save or allot enough budget for an SEO campaign.

Most of you who have read this will say "NO" or "WAIT" for the SEO campaign. But, it's not like that or you will not meet this type of problems if you do the following things:-

  • Hire an experienced SEO expert with 5+ experience and good clients testimonials
  • Invest in high-quality content and their types
  • Always take the help of PRO if you have In House SEO team
  • Invest in premium SEO tools for keywords research, link building and site technical audit.
  • Always work on out of the box strategy.

SEO is the most profitable and reputable marketing strategy. But, you need to "run it with care" just like "handle with care" :p

I hope you found this content helpful for your website SEO. Please share with your colleagues and friends who need SEO.

Have an awesome day!