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How to choose the right cross training shoe

Best cross training shoe choosing guide and reviews. 

How to choose the right  cross training shoe

Friday September 22, 2017,

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What are best cross training shoes

The kind of shoes to be worn for a football game is quite different from the ones worn for a basketball game. Now, if you have to wear the same shoes for activities like weight lifting, cycling, and hiking, these shoes are known as cross training shoes. Cross training shoes are meant to be worn for a wide range of activities. In other words, these shoes can be one for one particular activity and will work for another one and another activity different from that one. These shoes, due to the fact that they are multipurpose in functionality, are designed to be different from specific purpose shoes. They are often heavier, thicker and stronger than regular walking shoes. Cross training shoes offer more support than walking shoes due to the intense physical activities they are used for.

  There is a fact to be noted, however; the fact that these shoes are known as cross training shoes does not imply that just any kind of shoes can be picked up for the purpose. You should know some tips to follow when buying cross-training shoes. This article will talk about how to choose the right cross-training shoes.

Where to buy?

It is advised that you should only buy your fitness shoes from a footwear retailer that is trustworthy. The type of shoe you will depend on how you move; distinctive gait, arch, and type of foot. There are shops that specialize in recommending the correct shoe for you and in case you have suffered from injuries in the past, a sports medicine podiatrist can take a look at your foot and make proper recommendations on the kind of shoes you should buy.

For an athlete, a cross-training shoe may be useful for you to perform various athletic activities ranging from aerobics to sports. A cross training shoe can be utilized by any individual who wishes to combine different exercises, unlike some shoes that are designed for specific purpose. Follow the steps below to ensure you buy the appropriate shoes for your feet.


Identify the cross training shoe section in the store you choose to buy from. As much as these shoes are usually marked as cross training shoes, it does not hurt to ask someone who works in the store if these shoes can actually meet your needs. This is to avoid a situation where you go on and try the shoes on only to realize that they are not suitable for cross training.


Try on different brands of cross training shoes and see how they fit on your feet. Different brands come in different designs and models and these depending on your type of foot, one design may not fit your foot. So try on different brands so you can ascertain which brand is the best for you,


It is not just enough trying on the shoes. You need to make sure they fit well. Not tight or overly snugly but fitting enough for you to be able to wriggle your toes. There should be enough space (about the distance of a thumbnail) between the end of the shoe and your longest toe. The hell should be secure and sturdy enough to give you proper support.


While wearing the shoes, make sure the shoes are tested the same way you would wear them during training. Wear the shoes with your training socks on, walk around in the shoes, run around in the shoes. Do you feel adequate cushioning in the shoes? Are you properly supported? How heavy is the shoe? Is it light enough to carry out the activities you plan to perform with it? If all of these answers are nor yes, then drop that particular shoe you are trying out.

How do you know that your cross training shoes need to be changed?

Once you notice that the back of your shoes are unevenly worn out, and the shoes seem to be spoilt, then you need to change your cross-training shoes. Unlike other shoes that should be disposed of after 300miles, cross-training shoes should be disposed of after 100 hours.

So, whether you are shopping online or buying from a shop, ensure you make findings before making a choice. As much as shopping in physical stores is the best, if you must, however, shop online, try on your desired brand, check how fitting it is and what size is comfortable it is for you. Do not also forget to change the shoes every 100 hours then get a new pair. Take your cross-training activities should also be taken very seriously as much as you take your regular training seriously so as to achieve the best of results.

Cross training  shoe

Cross training  shoe