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How To Stay Motivated Even When Things Aren't Right?

A Real Life Story

How To Stay Motivated Even When Things Aren't Right?

Sunday January 07, 2018,

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Motivation can come from anywhere. It is not something which can be incorporated into your brain or soul through a process. You have to work towards it and keep yourself positive to keep moving ahead with good vibes around you. 

The world is a happy place, and you must find reasons to be satisfied in little ways. Because problems are temporary, but if not taken care of properly, they may leave permanent effects on your mind and heart. 


When I was preparing for my aim to become a doctor, it took a lot of courage to fight the situations that I came across. Many things hindered me, but I kept moving on and on. There were a series of failures, and it tried to bring me down every time I used to buck up. 

But the only way I could control my anxiety was through remembering my goals and motives now and then. If you do not challenge yourself, then who will? You must set a benchmark; you must meet the deadline, and then set another milestone. This is how you can keep yourself motivated to your goals.

Remember! You did not come this far to go only this far. It will not be a piece of cake either will it be as big as the mountain. Keep track of your improvement so that you know how well you are doing it. But, even though you fly high, you must keep your feet on the ground because that is where you will come back to rest. Do not be overconfident about your success because it is not one's property. 

You have to earn it, and it takes a lot to win it back. Make sure you reward yourself when you achieve something good. When no one is there to boost up, you are your companion. You must not lose hope, and you must keep yourself in a position to help yourself.

When we talk about tasks, it is important to have weekly or fortnightly goals. It is true that you must always aim for the moon, because if you miss you may hit the stars. In the same way, you must keep the right number of tasks lined up to perform in a particular interval of time. 

Even though you are not able to complete the whole task, you may end up doing a hand full of essential duties to accomplish. But, you must also not make it a habit of postponing the things. When I was preparing for my medical entrance, sometimes it was getting difficult for me to cope up with the pressure. But I always tried to take breaks and give it another try in a different manner. And this proved to be of great help in the long run. I learned to not fall apart in tough situations no matter what.

Another thing that kept supporting me throughout the journey of my struggle was my behavior with myself. I was never harsh on myself in times of failure. I always said that it is okay to fail because then you will be able to cherish your success in a better way. You will understand the fruits of hard work in the most beautiful manner. 

Therefore, throughout this journey, I kept myself positive and tried all the means mentioned above to keep myself motivated. It is not a big deal when you feel low, but if you are not able to neutralize that, it is a matter of great concern. Hence, always stay positive because struggling is better than quitting.