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All About HRIS Software: Types, Benefits, Functions And Costs

All About HRIS Software: Types, Benefits, Functions And Costs

Wednesday June 10, 2020,

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In the wake of the global pandemic COVID-19, a stigma has now been attached to the whole year 2020 in the minds of people. These times of crisis have even instilled insecurity of being unable to perform well amongst the businesses as well. Thus, the corporate establishments and other commercial undertakings are already rushing to find solutions with the fear of the inability to make any progress. 

But, keeping all the chaos aside, there is still a ray of hope. The need of the hour topped with the advancement of technology is giving birth to numerous products of effective use at this time. Now, if we specifically keep the corporate sector under the lens, process automation seems to be the most viable option to stay afloat at the time. For this purpose, companies are introducing as well as adopting hi-tech software solutions to fight the challenges that have emerged as a consequence of the nationwide lockdown.

Since the majority of the corporate functions are controlled by the human resource department, HR software in India is a top priority. It is believed that if you streamline all the HR operations, more than half of the issues would automatically be resolved.

So, let’s see how a top-notch HR software can make a positive impact to keep your firm in good shape after the menace ends and prove to be transformational for the business.

Real-Time Deliverables And Evaluation

After the current situation is under control and our lives get back to normal, some remains of the ongoing practices using HRMS solutions would exist for a longer time. First of all, the habit of regularly reporting to managers/ supervisors and the online submission of deliverables will be continued. Due to this, a daily record of work will be visible. Besides, due to real-time reporting, it would be easier for the HODs to assess the performance of their team members resulting in more efficient performance management and appraisals. 

Smooth-Running Payroll Processing

Another prime area of focus that an HR software must have excelled over by the time the lockdown ends is Payroll. A payroll software synchronized with the time and attendance system (Biometrics) is certain to make this whole set of procedures 10X simpler. So, accurate calculation of the payout, timely deposit of salary in the bank accounts, generation of payslips and filing tax among other payroll functions would become a pattern. 

No Communication Disturbances

The highly efficacious means of communication developed during the ‘Work From Home’ period will make everyone rely on the same even after resuming to the normal situation. Because of the physical absence, every conversation (one-on-one or group) is now done over emails, messenger, or other chat options of the HRMS software. This will allow the introverted employees who find it hard to speak up to express more freely. Thus, using the enhanced mode of interaction would be followed unless there is a dire need to talk in person.

Say Good-Bye To Paperwork

This is the most imperative feature of HR software. The cloud-based systems have already done wonders in terms of data storage, organization and security. Who would want to quit using the same? In fact, hours of manual labor spent in creating and managing documents would be reduced to zero. Moreover, the decentralized information with ease to reach a large group of connected people situated anywhere at any time is a plus point. The fact that you can say good-bye to paperwork is reason enough to keep using such software in the future.

Better Business Insights

Post-2020, the extended practice of the same strategies will take the businesses a long way. The greatest function of the HR software in India is the incorporation of artificial intelligence in them. AI-enabled software helps to produce data interpretation charts, graphs and other reports to evaluate the business statistics. In the longer run, it proves to be beneficial for the company's growth as you are able to predict the forthcoming events using the data analysis.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

After a certain point, it all comes down to employee engagement and satisfaction. Since employee self-service is one of the biggest attributes of an HR software, it takes care of the same. There are options to mark attendance, submit deliverables, perform necessary tasks on-the-go! So, employees become excited and at the same time carefree to execute assigned functions irrespective of the place and time. Also, the features chatbots, mood bots and others to customize and personalize the experience acts like ‘cherry on the cake’.

Advance Preparation For Adverse Conditions

The automation of HR operations through an HRMS solution makes the company progress faster and more standard. Therefore, in a nutshell, if we adopt mechanization of processes and keep following the same practices, businesses are more likely to succeed at a better pace. Furthermore, coping up with adverse conditions in the future would become ‘as easy as pie’.

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