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Dedicated software development team: Why it is a good idea?

Dedicated software development team: Why it is a good idea?

Friday August 21, 2020,

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Gone are the days when companies opted for in-house software developers, as they perceived it to be the way to go about the project lifecycle. In recent times, communication and remote work has become easy, on the back of the technological advancements in the field.

Numerous team collaboration tools are available to track and monitor the progress on various tasks. As a result, hiring a dedicated software development team has become easier than it ever was. To highlight some of the prominent factors, a dedicated software development team holds a great experience.

They are already under the possession of the advanced architecture, which might take you some time to build and set up for your team.

Dedicated Software Development Team

In a way, we can say that a dedicated software development team helps reduce the project lifecycle, as you can onboard them without any training.

What are the advantages of extending a dedicated software development team?

The reason that these teams are known as dedicated is on the back of the time they spent exclusively on your project. These teams usually have the prowess to the requested technology stack, skill level, as well as hands-on experience.

Below are some of the crucial advantages to extend dedicated software development team for your project:

High team engagement made possible

One of the biggest roadblock to hiring the required talent is that you need to give them the time to settle down in your organization. You are required to provide them with the best of the training and engage them with the teammates before they can pick up a task in their plate.

In sharp contrast to this, you can look for project engineering services by dedicated software development teams. Such a team has prior knowledge and expertise of having worked with a number of organizations. As a result, they can adapt your organization’s cause and beliefs, and work with a zoomed-in focus.

Safeguard both – your time and money

Hiring can be a time-consuming process. However, in most cases, the monetary aspect is not even considered. Numerous business hours go void in the hiring process, which could have actually put to the best use.

On the flip side, you can just look for the best software development company that offers the option to hire a dedicated software development team. When you build a dedicated team, it is usually a cost-effective option with better outcomes.

Handle the project without any intervention

There are fixed time and budget approach, which may help you determine the exact parameters regarding the lifecycle of your project. However, it does come with some constraints. You constantly have to seek approval and permission from the host software development company for any request regarding these developers. In a way, you have very little to no control over the team.

On the other hand, when you hire a dedicated software development team, you receive a project manager that handles all the communication and requirements. You have complete control over the team structure and functioning.

High level of productivity

It is a known notion that multitasking is a productivity killer. A man can do one task in 3 hours. Now, when he chooses to multitask, his focus diverges multiple times, and his productivity goes for a toss.

This is the scenario, wherein a dedicated development team fits in the box. They are completely dedicated to working on a single project. As a result, they have a high focus on the task they pick up and do complete justice to it, thereby leading fruitful results.

Flexibility and scalability at your disposal

It is common to perceive that the fixed time and scope model works the best, as it leaves very little dependency on the recruiting company. However, in cases, wherein the project needs additional functionalities or scalability, the scope is to be revised for the new requirement. It is possible that the same budget doesn’t hold true for the true purview.

In a way, there are many vulnerabilities associated when it comes to scalability in a fixed time and scope model. However, when we consider a dedicated software development model, there is no fixed scope or timeline. As a result, you enjoy complete freedom to scale your project without any vulnerability regarding the budget or team structure.

Frequently asked questions about dedicated software development team

It is common to have many questions when it comes to hiring a dedicated software development team for your venture. Below are some of the frequently asked questions that may answer your quest:

What does a dedicated software development team include?

A frontend and backend developer, QA engineers, UI/UX designers, DevOps, project managers, and business analysts.

What are the services offered by dedicated software development team?

Operation supervision, project management, task management, project development, testing, deployment, debugging, product roadmap, and designing.

When should you opt for a dedicated project development team?

When you have a requirement for a long-term project with comprehensive scope and advanced skills that your in-house team lacks.

When should you not opt for a dedicated project development team?

In cases, wherein you have a small module to be developed, you are unsure regarding the target market, you do not have a proper plan for your project, and you are uncertain about the budget and launch.

Who can hire a dedicated team?

If you are a startup, enterprise, or a digital agency, you can opt for hiring a dedicated team for the development of your project.

I need to expand my company. Should I opt for dedicated developers or recruit in-house developers?

A company on the growth track surely needs new talents to venture new heights. In such cases, if you want speedy growth with cost-effectiveness at its core, you can hire dedicated software developers. If you want to take time on training and conducting team building activities, it is better to recruit in-house developers.

Is the budget for dedicated software development team outsourcing higher than fixed price and scope model?

To be fair, you only opt for a fixed price and scope model when you have a little requirement in terms of development. So, definitely, the budget required is relatively lower than that of the other model.

Key Takeaway

Having answered multiple questions and discussed the benefits, you may have a clear idea regarding the dedicated software development team. However, since this team is going to be the game-changer in your project lifecycle, you need to be sure about the company that you are collaborating with.

Look for the experience of the software development company and read online reviews about its products and services. Connect with the company and have a questionnaire ready to shoot and determine if it is the right one for you.