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Embracing the Social Call – eCommerce and Customer Experience

‘Communication is at the heart of eCommerce’. - Meg Whitman, former CEO, Ebay

Friday August 26, 2016,

4 min Read

If you look at the growing statistics of customers who prefer to shop online, you will be truly marveled by the beauty of what we call ‘eCommerce’. It is an ever growing and expanding domain, which has become an imperative part and parcel of our daily lives.

As growing number of customers shop online, some from their laptops or iPads and others using their smartphones, eCommerce retailers have become obligated to alter their customer experience strategy and mold it to fit customer expectations and enhance their experience. One such great expectation has come in the form of a ‘Social Call – The Rise of Social Media’. Every customer is now aware that his voice matters and will be heard well; amplifying the concept of traditional marketing – the word of mouth publicity gimmick. If your customer services team, your product, customer’s overall service experience is of top notch level, you are bound to get a fabulous feedback. And similarly, if your service is not up to the mark they are not going to tell 500 people, they will make sure 5000 people know about it. Customer service has always had an important place of reference when it comes managing the ongoing relationship with eCommerce and its customers

According to the ultimate guide to revolutionize customer experience in eCommerce sector “Social media has earned a consistent importance in revolutionizing buyer's experience from analyzing their requirement to engagement throughout their buying journey and even the reviews and feedbacks after the purchase.” Thus, eCommerce companies need to embrace these new social customers and respond to them in a personal and a timely manner.

If the question that, how can you provide support to eCommerce customers concerns you, then the answer is pretty easy. 9 out of 10 customers these days regularly use multiple channels to evaluate their queries and to seek customer support. So, by integrating a multi-channel customer support team, by making use of contact center technology, one can easily leverage their customers trust and build an astonishing fan base.

To elucidate my insights, here are some hard facts:

- 78% customers believe that social media is the next big tier of customer service

- 46% customers expect brands to provide customer service on Facebook

- 88% customers are less likely to buy from companies who leave social media complaints unanswered

Your customers are just numbers and statistics. They have feedback and experiences to share with you. While ecommerce is sweeping them with grand market trajectory, customer experience is the real catch here! Hence, it is of utmost importance that you base your customer experience strategy on your customer’s feedback and keep in mind the importance of having customer retention.

The money you spend on acquiring new customers is way more than the money that you spend on retaining your already existing customers. Since it is a direct relationship, and a no brainer that one can have happy customers with little efforts put in the right channels of customer engagement and satisfaction models.

eCcommerce has empowered your customers. They have a variety of options, brands, services to pick one from. This has also led to growing competition and expectations in the minds of your customers. Now, if you want to be in the game and be ahead, you need to start picking up pace and be a front line player, embracing the social call and enhancing the customer experience. And when the ‘why’ is clear, the ‘how’ also finds its way. To empower your customer engagements, customer satisfaction, retention and overall customer experience, ‘Ameyo’ can actually make it very possible. Ameyo is the market leader in omnichannel customer experience, it is the only contact center platform which allows you to innovate and delight your customers.