Tips to increase your sales by developing a top-notch e-commerce website

    eCommerce is changing the dynamic of budding and well-established businesses phenomenally. With eCommerce Development business are empowered to have their products and services available to their users and customers 24*7.

    4th May 2018
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    It helps you generate better revenue while providing your consumers an ultimate platform to reach out for your services and products on a platform which is highly comprehensive and user-friendly. Ecommerce Development help you enrich your customer-enterprise relationships while managing your business better with analytics and market researches. 


    Thus, eCommerce development helps you in growing your business on grass root level the very tip of your business domain, it is a necessary business tool in this competitive scenario. Here, are some important tips that will make your eCommerce website development much more effective.

    Target your existing customers

    Loyal customer base helps you a lot when it comes to growing your business, when compared to the new customers, loyal customers help you in various ways such as they may buy much more items than the new consumers that only buy one product, have a better conversion rate and, also are a source to churn up better revenue. Thus, it is important that you focus on customer retention as much as you are putting forth various ways to get customer acquisition.

    Display icons that show your site is trustworthy

    People still find it non-relying to shop on eCommerce sites, eCommerce websites that appear non-professional or appear less secure. Cyber Security is the biggest concern for the consumers, it is estimated that 46% of Americans have been a victim of credit card fraud. 

    Looking at the odds, security has become the foremost concern for eCommerce website development USA, Canada, Germany and other leading eCommerce development provider companies from various parts of the world. Thus, you can include various elements into your eCommerce website that presents your online shopping site in a secure and reliable form in front of your users.

    Use photos when you include customer testimonials

    Peoples reviews and their testimonials help you a long way in making people or new consumers trust you. Present your client reviews and their testimonials with their pictures and names, faceless reviews or testimonials are not well-trusted by the people around.

    You can try various methods to encourage more and more reviews from authentic clients like asking them to share their experience, their stories that include pictures and other reliable stuff.

    Offer more discounts

    The competition in eCommerce industry is cutthroat, especially if you are just starting out your eCommerce journey it is very likely that you might have a bigger eCommerce company to compete. Adding offers and discounts can help you drag your consumer's attention from those big companies, not many eCommerce Companies are following this strategy. Also, you can make strategies, plan your offers and deals and encash better revenues.

    Showcase your top selling items

    You need to direct and navigate your clients deeper, basically, people come to online sites to buy a specific item and leaves the website. Thus, to encourage the sales you need to give your users some direction that will show them what are the best products and brands available on your eCommerce website, following this can help you generate better business revenues.


    Ramp up promotions for the holidays

    Special deals, offers, coupons can be planned in the times of festivities. Festivals and other important events are the time people look forward to shopping and are surely going to spend more money than usual. 

    Thus, holiday sales, end of season sales are so much popular in the industry. People look forward to shopping online during festivities as to reduce the time that will be wasted in going to people-packed malls and other stores. Thus, you can leverage heavy benefits while utilizing most of the festival times.

    Recognize your customers want to shop from their mobile devices

    Mobile Commerce has become a big thing now, living in an illusion that people would eventually shop from their computers implicit more loss to your eCommerce business. mCommerce helps you in converting and focusing the large mobile user crowed into your potential consumers. Some research showed 63% of people prefer to shop on their phones while 40% of mobile users had bought something online from their smartphones. 

    Making an eCommerce website and eCommerce applications can help you equally to build a large empire. Customer experience says everything thus, eCommerce applications play an important role in building you strong user-base by providing the ease of shopping, speed in transaction, tracking their orders, personalizing their experience, coupons and deals benefits, sync with other important tools etc. you can hire eCommerce Developer that can build you an efficient website and a mobile application to help embark a new business journey.

    FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

    Creating a sense of urgency in your consumers can help you a lot by making them take quick decision. The fear of missing out a good deal or limited quantity product can trigger great action in your consumers. Then and their actions are triggered and customer that is sensitive to price get a quick buying action your website. 

    Marketing good deals over emails and creating a sense that they might lose a very good deal and later might have to spend a fortune on buying the same things. This sense of urgency can help you a lot in inflicting quick actions, thus you should be very precise and actionable in your marketing campaign.

    Accept different payment options

    Multiple payment modes and giving people various payment options shows your dedication to service and the ease you provide to your customers on your website. It is also one of the many ways you improve your customer experience on your website. 

    Accepting Visa and Mastercards, other eWallets help you intact a customer, you may even lose a customer who might not hold cash or a payment mode you accept, and you lose a potential customer. Thus, eCommerce development is shifting their focus on adding various payment modes, specially eWallets. With eWallets many eCommerce websites are now accepting the concept of including various methods. 

    Payment modes such as Apple Pay, PayPal are a must have on your website now. The concept is to make everything more and more convenient for your customers. Thus, making checkout easier can help you in reducing a lot of customers time and thus enhancing customer's buying experience.

    Focus on your value proposition

    The best way to differentiate you from your competition is your services and products you render on your website. Good customer service, providing your customers better eCommerce experience is the key to excellence in the eCommerce industry. Thus, your customer experience holds the great magnitude of value while defining your success in the eCommerce industry.

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