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thinking of a 3-tier engineering college student to have his startup someday

I am an engineering graduate from a 3-tier college, I believe that students from these type of college lack all sorts of skill to work in a startup environment.

Thursday October 19, 2017,

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so here in this article, i would like to discuss a startup idea. so that anyone interested can work towards it.

(disclaimer:-there are lots of online resources available to equip yourself, but students from these type of college never look into that.  )

startup idea-- making graduates skillful to work in a startup environment.

revenue model -you can charge from both the students and the startup company.for example a course fee of 3000 rs per course and 2% of the first year annual income of the employee from the startup company.

point of scale:-

you make a student ready for a virtual internship in 3rd year and for a real industry internship in 4th year.

so now you are clear about your idea.(if you want you can do your own market research.)

now first of try to go to different colleges and give free seminars about the internship opportunity.

IMPORTANT TIP-try to observe what students want and where they are lagging.


the next is very very important

now you have the idea and the students now do not try to just make money.

first of all, provide some valuable free courses and build trust with them.and in this step also note what the students needs.

Next, create awesome courses for the correct price with the inputs given by the industry related people.

your success mainly depends on the quality of your free courses and the price of the paid course.

sorry, I forget to talk about the investor part, you can convince any investor with two records like your students' database you collected in college or the with the number of students enrolled for your free course.


start growing your student's database from your own city then state and your country and in the digital era, it is even possible to reach the entire world.

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