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Different Types of Jobs in the Digital Marketing Industry

Lots of opportunities to choose from various Digital Marketing branches.

Different Types of Jobs in the Digital Marketing Industry

Monday July 08, 2019,

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There are lots of job opportunities in digital marketing. In this post, I will discuss some of the important ones with you and tell you which job is most suitable for you.

But before telling you about digital marketing jobs, you should first become a Google Certified Digital Marketer. You can become one by doing an advanced digital marketing course from a reputed digital marketing institute such as Avenir Education which is a premier digital marketing institute based in Delhi.

So without further ado, here are the different types of jobs in Digital Marketing:-

Digital Marketing Job

1.) Digital Marketing Executive

If you want to become a digital marketing executive, then you should have complete knowledge of all digital marketing channels such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Web Analytics, Mobile Marketing, Online Reputation Management (ORM), E-Mail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

Which means you should have a sound knowledge of all these channels work and how you can leverage these platforms to grow a business online.

You will able to do this job when you have at least 2 years of experience and you should only go for this job if all you care about is Digital Marketing.

2.) SEO Executive

As an SEO Executive, your job is to optimize the client’s website according to the latest Google algorithm, so that it ranks for the selected keywords.

It includes doing proper ON Page SEO and creating high-quality backlinks to increase Domain Authority.

You should also audit the website from time-to-time to check if there are any technical issues on the website like Site Speed, Short Meta Titles, Duplicate Meta Descriptions, etc. 

SEO requires utmost patience as it can take several months to even a year for a website to rank on Google 1st page. So you should only go for this job if you are patient enough. 

3.) Social Media Executive

As a social media executive, you should be updated to all the latest social media trends that big brands are using. Along with that, you should know all the technical part of Facebook Advertising, A/B Testing, Facebook Pixels, etc.

You also have to be very innovative and should understand your target audience.

4.) PPC Expert

As opposed to SEO, that takes a lot of time for a website to rank on Google's 1st page, one can run Ads on Google properties to start driving traffic to its website from Day 1.

It works on a Pay Per Click (PPC) model and the person who runs Google Ads campaigns for its clients is known as PPC Expert.

It is a very responsible job as there is a huge amount of client involved in this. One wrong campaign can empty out your pockets without even getting conversions.

So, you should only go for this job, if you are confident enough that you are not going to waste your client's money. 

5.) E-Mail Marketer

E-Mail Marketing Jobs are mostly done by female candidates or those who are good in copywriting. Content of the e-mails should be to written to the point and good enough to convert the audience as soon as possible. Because you have very short duration of time to catch the reader's eye.

You should be creative enough to create highly engaging e-mails to attract customers by writing least amount of words.

E-Mail Marketing is widely famous in E-Commerce Websites, as they can bring back their customers back to their website again & again by offering deals & coupons.

So, these were the 4 types of Digital Marketing Jobs that you can opt for, to make a successful career ahead.