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Importance of SEO in growing business and its effects

SEO a traffic booster for websites

Importance of SEO in growing business and its effects

Thursday August 01, 2019,

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Seo for business

benefits of seo

SEO stands for search engine optimization basically seo is done order to improve the ranking of a website basically seo is known as the strategies and tools used in your website in order to rank it on the first page of google.

There is lot of importance of seo in a website as it is the only reason after the content which makes your ranking good on google.

Types of seo;

1.On page seo: SEO which is done within the website to improve its ranking is known as on page seo.

2.Off page seo: SEO which is done outside in order to improve ranking of website is known to be off page SEO.

Some worthy importance of SEO

  1. SEO act as a manager of website which manages the website working and its ranking
  2. SEO helps in gaining traffic on a website .
  3. SEO helps in removing technical as well as non- technical errors.
  4. SEO helps in improving page ranking .

Effects of seo on business:

Seo nowadays plays a major effect on business. Seo helps in growing a business from small scale to large scale. AS it helps in gaining traffic from various sites and helps in receiving backlinks or link juice from various sites which improves the ranking of website on google.

Worthy content along with seo becomes a great combination which helps in easy ranking . Easy ranking means easy gaining of traffic and this traffic later on is converted into leads which helps in success of business .

As nowadays none of the business can grow without online marketing which is done by the digital marketing And seo is a important corner of digital marketing. Seo is known to be as the most integral part of website as it is the main source of organic traffic on website

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WHY Content is preferred more over backlinks:

First of all there is need to keep in mind that content is the only topmost priority of google to do ranking of websites . As according to google Algorithms Google crawlers first of all crawls the content of a website that whether content is copied or unique if copied than they put that in spam. Backlinks works only if there is unique content on website Only by getting backlinks does not mean You can rank on first page of google. Only content is the key to rank.

How to increase Seo value:

  1. One should have both dofollow and nofollow links, Sometimes it is the strategy to get maximum dofollow links . Always remember if your site is is only getting dofollow links than this may lead to spamming or Link building which can harm your website. One should have adequate quantity of both dofollow and nofollow backlinks which is around 60% and 40%. AS dofollow links provide good seo value to your website and nofollow links provide less seo value to your website.
  2. Taking backlinks from domain having high domain ranking which will provide good seo value to site as new domains generally have less domain value which may harm your website and declines its web Ranking.
  3. If possible always try to get Backlinks from Government based or authorized websites which will improve the DR of your own website.
  4. In order to increase the seo value install basic plugins which gives report of Seo Like Yoast SEO etc.
  5. Seo value of a website can even be raised by Daily writing blogs on that website or posting unique content daily.

Never ending hustle of getting backlinks can easily end up by writing an unique content which can easily rank your website. If content is the Backbone of a website than Seo can be said to be collar bone of the website.