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Digital Marketing Strategies for 2019

Digital Marketing Strategies for 2019 to rank on top pages of Google. All strategies are first used and than written on this blog. These points only help if you apply these strategies to your website.

Digital Marketing Strategies for 2019

Tuesday January 22, 2019,

3 min Read

Online Marketing Tips for 2019

I am sharing all Online Marketing Strategies used by myself to rank website on top pages of google. Now let's see what you can also do to increase the rank of your webpage as I did for digital marketing webpage of my website.

Don't read this article if you just want to get knowledge about SEO, this blog is only for those who want to apply these learning as they read this article.

Let's Start Digital Marketing Strategies for 2019

Whenever you add new webpage to your website make sure you first set goal which you want to achieve. This will help you concentrate on most relevant points to consider to achieve your goal.

Start with Keyword research

  1. Use Google keyword planner (To check keyword idea and traffic)
  2. Also do Competitors analysis (to check which keywords your competitors are ranking).

Do keyword Research and competitors analysis with:-

  • SEM Rush
  • SERPstat

Set Meta Title and Meta Description after the keyword research. Meta tags are used while considering number of keywords you want to target on particular webpage.

Now take a look on your competitors website to check webpage content, this will help you get an idea about how much effort you have to made to write content.

Webpage content should contain headings targeting your keywords, using infographics, images with alt tag (if doing local seo than use Geo tag images) and if possible video with keywords in audio.

How to use keywords in Content ?

  • Bold the keyword and its synonyms to give more weight-age to these words.
  • Use Long Tail Keywords.
  • Use these keywords in first paragraph.

Example: Keyword - Seo company in India

Use synonyms like seo firm, seo agency , seo services

Content Length

The content length should be more than 1500 words (Long Content is highly effective).

Write Content two to three times of your competitors webpage content. Using synonyms of keywords, this helps in improving page authority.

The content should be 100% unique and related to the niche you are targeting your webpage. Words font and size used must have good readability.

Internal Linking of Webpage

Link new page with other pages of your website with targeted keyword to signal google about the webpage authority for that keyword inside the website. This on page factor is ignored by lots of seo experts which make difficulties in future to rank the webpage in future.

Use all the latest recommendation by google like webpage must be mobile friendly , use AMP pages, shema and Rich snippets.

After Publishing the page Request indexing of webpage url in Google Search Console and start building High DA and PA Backlink of your page targeting your keywords.