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Driver & Delivery Jobs in 2020 - What Lies Ahead?

Find Driver & Delivery Jobs On The Go

Driver & Delivery Jobs in 2020 - What Lies Ahead?

Wednesday September 04, 2019,

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Driver & Delivery Jobs in 2020 - What Lies Ahead?

Image Courtesy: Uber.com

Various blue-collar sectors are getting benefited by growing Digital India ever since there has been a rise in e-commerce and tourism services like Ola and Uber. Courier services, food chains, online markets, and different other sectors all need the services of delivery persons. They are always on the lookout to hire delivery boys. On top of that, they are getting paid well too. According to a report in Indian Express, vocationally skilled blue-collar profiles receive higher pay cheques as compared to engineers and management graduates. 

Another blue-collar sector on the rise is the cab driver. Since the launch of cab and tourism services like Ola and Uber, they have been a source of employment for thousands of people across India. All you need to join one of these services is a driving license and smartphone. You can work as a freelancer; take up part-time, full time or hourly job and earn as much as you want.

As per a survey conducted by BetterPlace, nearly 14 lakh jobs have been created by startups like Uber, Ola, Zomato, and Swiggy. The same survey states that the growth rate at which their blue-collar job is estimated to be rising is 40%. It is higher than the industry average of 15%. At startups close to 14% of blue-collar workers can make Rs 30,000 monthly, 16% can make between Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000, 35% can earn between Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000, 20% can earn from Rs 20,000 to 25,000 and 15% make Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000. 

What is the Future of the Blue-Collar Economy?

As per an analysis made by BetterPlace, 21 lakh jobs will be created in the next year. The same report stated the roles that would dominate 2019-20 would be delivery with 38 percent and driver with 29 percent. The government of India has launched various projects such as Digital India, Make in India, Skill India, and Startup India, which would create more blue-collar jobs. These projects also work to improve the skills of job seekers. Social media platforms like LinkedIn has also partnered with IL&FS Skills Development to boost the employability of job seekers. And these are all possible because of the innovation of technology and the advancement of the internet. Altogether, there are more than 25 job portals operating in the country solely dedicated to blue-collar jobs.

People Want to Work Smarter, Not Harder

People these days want to save time by making use of technological innovations. The job search app is a great example of working smarter, not harder. Job seekers and companies alike know the benefits of taking their search online. It allows them to get a better reach quicker and at lower costs. Recruiters are aware that job seekers are already present on some online platform. Thus, job portals and social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook have become an integral part of almost every hiring process. If recruiters know how to use them effectively, they can translate into qualified candidates for relatively low costs.

Earlier, the big players like Naukri, Indeed, and Monster dominated the area. But more and more niche job portals are coming up and social media platforms and professional networking sites like LinkedIn are giving them a tough competition. More than ever, it is now easier to hire drivers, tailors, beauticians or accountants.

Connecting Skill With Opportunity

Before, it was hard to imagine that applying to jobs with just a click of a button would be possible. Recruiters have to post adverts in newspapers and undergo a long and tedious hiring process to select the most talented candidates. Print media was the main source for job seekers to get notified about job vacancies. But job posting sites have changed the scenario altogether. A free job posting site can connect skill with opportunity anywhere around the world in less time. And it looks like the blue-collar sector is taking the most advantage out of it.

As the demand for food rises, there is an increasing need for delivery persons to get the food delivered. Thus, you see delivery job adverts posted everywhere. The need for cab drivers is also on the rise with the tourism industry booming like never before and technology platforms like Uber and Ola opening up gateways. A bright future waits for Driver & Delivery Jobs in 2020. Here is a list of job portals you should be looking up if you want to land in a driver or delivery job.

Top Job Portals to Find Driver and Delivery Jobs in 2020

Get Job Alerts at Just.Jobs for Driver and Delivery Jobs - You don’t have to sweat to find a job as Just.Jobs notifies you whenever there is a job matching your skills. You can choose to get alerted whenever a recruiter posts advert, for instance, driver jobs in Delhi, delivery jobs in Pune or tailor jobs in Mumbai. The job portal is forever free for job seekers and recruiters can hire the cream of the crop at affordable price ranges or choose to use the portal for free. Since all employers and their payment methods are verified, Just.Jobs leaves very little to no room for scams. It is a safe site that connects talent with opportunity.

Use Indeed India to Get Job Notifications Based on Your Settings - The Indeed India job search app will provide notification of job listings based on your settings such as salary and industry. It gathers job advertisements from all the major online job boards, newspaper classifieds, associations and company career pages. Your smartphone’s GPS can help you find openings in towns nearby. Simply save the job you are interested in applying later. In case, you have uploaded your resume, you can straightaway apply for the job with a customized message attached. The app will keep a record of all the jobs you apply.

Filter Out Your Job Search at CareerBuilder - This job portal makes your job search easier as you can filter your job search by location, job categories, and company. Usually, there are thousands of employers willing to hire talented drivers, cooks, tailors or accountants. You can find delivery jobs in Pune, driver jobs in Chennai or just about any job on this site. Simply upload your best resume to get found by potential employers.

Driver & Delivery Jobs in 2020 - What Lies Ahead?

Image Courtesy: Uber.com

Look for Startup Jobs at AngeLlist - AngeLlist is one of the best places to look for startup jobs. You can apply to 114,792 startup jobs that are posted on the site with one application. Use the site’s features to check out the salary and equity upfront. You can also filter jobs by location, role, market, and technology to have a more organized search. The portal usually has more than 30,051 startup companies looking for talent to fill up different vacancies. The site is associated with companies like Uber, Yelp, and Twitch.

Get Hired Via Social Networking Sites - Yes, job portals are not the only source to get employment these days. Social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are giving a cut-throat competition. We live in a connected world and the world will be only more connected tomorrow. The role of social media in the hiring process will continue to grow.

Twitter for Landing on Your Dream Job - Twitter, social media is an information search engine. You will find a million tweets per day and it has now become the place for browsing breaking news, be it job opportunities or other viral news. If you use Twitter, you will know that it allows users to contact anyone with no prior relationship. Employers can search for candidates via hashtags and net a solid list of job search and recruiting leads even before a candidate has responded to a resume-mining database like Indeed or Naukri. By reading hashtagged Tweets, thought leaders can be targeted by companies in the industry, even those that are not following them. 

Facebook Can Now be Used to Your Professional Advantage - Gone are the times when Facebook was used to keep up with high school buddies. It has changed drastically since its inception in 2004. It has seen enormous growth in its number of older users, who are more serious about careers and professional growth. Facebook allows you to link up with potential connections through their Groups feature.

For instance, if you type the keywords, "Human Resources" into the search box, you will be presented with a selection of HR-related pages. Moreover, organizations with company Facebook pages to promote their latest products and services and post news and videos about the company. You can even interact with other company 'fans' and customers. Whenever you see a job posted on company Facebook pages, go and grab the opportunity.

Get Found on LinkedIn by Employers - LinkedIn is the number 1 spot for job seekers. It is quite a hotspot with 35 million users that includes recruiters and job seekers. LinkedIn is crucial for companies who are in the process of hiring new workers. They can browse the potential candidate’s profile that is visible online to quickly find the most interesting candidate to fill up the vacancy.

Driver & Delivery Jobs in 2020 - What Lies Ahead?

Image Courtesy: Techcrunch.com

LinkedIn also serves as an important tool for individuals who desire to link with current or former classmates, colleagues, managers, teachers, and so on. Remember, the network you build on LinkedIn will serve as an important source of information and opportunities. If you are not yet on LinkedIn, you'll want to sign up as soon as possible. It is easy to sign up and takes only a few minutes.

Classified Advertising Platforms for Quick Job Search - Owing to its free use, more and more employers and placement agencies are using classified advertising platforms to post jobs. Whether you are looking for delivery jobs in Chennai, tailor jobs in Delhi or cook jobs in Hyderabad, you can search the popular classified advertising platforms to land on a job.

Quikr Can Land You on a Job Quicker - Since its inception, Quikr has been active in online recruitment. However, it particularly started going after mass- market jobs in a more organized fashion in 2015. You can search for jobs by roles including driver, delivery, cook, and beautician for a more organized search. It usually has Spotlight Ads where there are employers looking to hire the right talent urgently. Quikr usually has millions of job offers. You can find an employer by uploading your resume.

Seek Mass Market Jobs at Click India - Want to search driver jobs in Mumbai or delivery jobs in Kolkata? Click India is a platform which has usually over 539,155 ads. Most of the job postings encompass blue-collar jobs and entry-level jobs. The site offers search filters wherein you can enter the most accurate keywords such as the job title and location. For convenience and ease, you can download the mobile app from Google Play.

Find Jobs in Your City at OLX - One of the popular platforms to find entry-level and blue-collar jobs is the OLX. It is easy to navigate and find your preferred job listing as it allows a filtered search. Simply add your preferred location and the job title while looking for ads on OLX.

Given that the total requirement of the workforce would be 21 lakh-plus jobs in 2019-20, as per Better Place and the roles of driver and delivery will dominate, it will be wise to look for those jobs in the near future. Job posting sites, social networking sites, and classified advertising platforms have made the job search process relatively easier. Now you can create job alerts, link up with potential connections that can help in your job search, and get updates about how the hiring process is progressing. Make sure not to limit yourself to just one source when you are looking for a driver or delivery job. Expand your job search and land on your dream job. The year 2020 looks like it is going to be a great year for those in the driving and delivery sector. Search for trending jobs at Just.Jobs today.