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5 tools for conversion rate optimization

Monday June 26, 2017,

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Here are 5 tools that you can use for your Conversion Rate Optimization Implementation.

Google Analytics


Google analytics is the king in its own space. It is the best tool for beginners. Some important features to look at, include - Sessions, Users, Page Views, Page / Session, Bounce Rate.

Pricing: Standard Version is free



Kissmetrics helps you understand what customers are doing on your website. The difference between Kissmetrics and Google Analytics lies in how they do their tracking. Read more here - https://blog.kissmetrics.com/google-analytics-and-kissmetrics/

Pricing: Available Here

Survey Monkey


This is probably the best tool for conducting surveys. Use it for producting testing, user ideas, Feedback, Market Research and many more.

Pricing: Available Here



Unbounce helps you create better landing pages that convert. and convert fast.

Pricing: Available Here



Zarget has a whole range of CRO tools which are needed for your website. Right from Heatmaps to A/B Testing to Funnel Analysis. It has everything you need for a perfect CRO. The latest addition to their feature list is Session Replay - https://zarget.com/features/session-replay.html

Pricing: Available Here

Why is CRO important ?

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