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How to Polish Your Car By Hand

Thursday September 28, 2017,

4 min Read

There is no need to spend lots of money for car polishing. Polishing can be done at your home and your car will look as good as brand new. Car polishing can be done in two ways. One is by hand and another is by car polishing machine. In this article, you will be guided how to refresh the exterior of your car.

Most of the people don’t know how to polish a car properly. So before you start polishing you must have to wash your car. With the help of hose rinse the vehicle downwards. Once the washing is done use car wash shampoo with microfiber pads or sponge and gets the dirt off from the surface of the vehicle.

Rinse off the remaining soap and dry your vehicle with Microfiber cleaning cloth.

As you have decided to polish your car by hand make sure the polish should be light abrasive which you are going to apply on a car. Use the new sponge to apply polish or Wash the sponge before you use it.

Let’s talk about how to polish A Car step by step but before starting which tools will be needed in polishing are mentioned below. 

Tools required for car polishing

Chemical Guys Black Light Super Finish Car Polish – widely used and trusted product

Sponge or Car polishing Applicator

Microfiber towels 

Step by Step Car polishing By Hand

1. Wash the car first with the help of Hose

2. Dry the car with a Microfiber towel

3. Take car polishing pad and spray a mist of water on the surface of the pad.

4. Apply a small amount of car polish on the pad and then apply it to the surface of the car with the help of pad. Don’t apply it with hand or finger.

5. Experts suggest you to start polishing process from the roof and then working downwards.

6. Pressure plays an important role in car polishing. So apply a small amount of pressure while polishing.

7. Spread polish on the surface evenly in a circular motion. At this point people made mistake. They don’t apply polish in a circular motion and apply polish by stroking randomly on the surface. Stop this process when the polish dries out. Leave the polish to dry for at least 10 minutes.

8. Now it’s time to remove the polish. Take the microfiber towel and fold it into four. Car polish removal has three phases. In the first phase lightly rub off the polish with cloth. The biggest amount of the polish will be removed in this first phase. Don’t forget to flip towel and use a new side for each section like roof, bonnet, left side and right side.

9. Now repeat the process again but with the new microfiber towel. In the second phase, you have to remove the rest of the excess polish. Apply some additional pressure to remove the excess polish. Don’t forget to flip the cloth each quarter.

10. Now the last and final phase to perfect the surface by taking care of all the little corners and areas to get the best results.

Thing to keep in mind while polishing your car

1. Car polishing should be done in a shaded area like a garage. Don’t polish under a tree. Bird droppings and tree fragments may land on the car. So always try to polish your car into the garage for better results.

2. Wear gloves and remove rings and belt you wearing because this can leave a scratch on the surface during the polishing process.

3. Experts suggest polishing your car twice in the year, not more than that. Because it can be harmful to the clear coat and it causes swirls in the long run.

4. Polishing should be done before wax is applied. Waxing can be done without polishing but polishing can’t be done after waxing your car.

That’s it. You are done with Car polishing by hand in just 10 steps. Follow these steps suggested by AutoFresh experts and get a professional finish every time you polish your car. You can buy the products which are long-lasting and easy to apply from the at the best price.

People do a lot of mistakes in car polishing by hand. Learn how to polish your car perfectly in just 10 steps.