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6 most common mistakes that website owners make

6 most common mistakes that website owners make

Monday June 05, 2017,

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As, there has been a recent surge towards mobile browsing and new design options such as scrolling and parallax, millions of websites have received facelifts in the recent times. This has actually led to poor design choices that prevent potential customers from connecting with the brands. From unattractive homepages to weak navigation, poor content and numerous errors there are few areas where an average website needs to be improved. Let’s take a look at some of the most common web design mistakes that can actually hurt your website’s visibility.

Responsive Design: Today more than 40% of the searches are conducted on smartphones and tablets, thus owning a website that can display rightly on those devices are of utmost importance. Recent estimates show that less than 17% of the websites worldwide have been created with responsive web design. Google has come up with a search update for penalizing non-responsive websites in the mobile searches and this is a major problem for businesses that generate online leads.

Free Website Builder: Several companies offer website building apps that allow users to launch a website within no time. The major problem with these services is that the design facet adds lines to the code, which results in a slower site. This can lead to numerous errors and performance issues over time.

Design Elements: There are many businesses that are guilty of either overdoing or altogether ignoring the design elements of the website. Customizations can distract the readers, but websites with minimal design features and content can also be a turn off for the readers so it is essential to find a balance.

Lacking quality content: The foremost ranking criteria for search engines are the quality of content displayed on the website. Domain owners usually spend hundreds of dollars for building beautiful and sleek sites and then pay actual writing an afterthought.

Not keeping a website updated: Although technological advances has brought so many amazing benefits but it has opened us to the cyber security risks as well. This is the reason it is very important to keep themes and plug-ins updated always.

Poorly optimized pages: Nothing can be worse than clicking a link and then finding “PAGE NOT FOUND” especially when it comes to the landing page. Web sites also lose conversions by neglecting product descriptions and failing to provide relevant details.

One of the best ways to measure the success of a website is by looking at the data and finding how are visitors navigating the website. Work on your website, and increase customer loyalty.

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