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Being A News Reporter: It’s Not Just About Latest Breaking News

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Being A News Reporter: It’s Not Just About Latest Breaking News

Tuesday June 06, 2017,

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Journalism is one of the oldest professions, it is a profession which has seen many changes from its early days but the core of this profession has remained the same, i.e, providing news to the people. From just a daily newspaper to every minute latest breaking news, the journalism and the way of reporting have been evolved many folds. Now, a news reporter is not just a person who grabs his pen and notebook and wanders in search of news and interviews. News reporting has become more challenging and RISKY, you may have seen many news stories about threatening a news reporter and sometimes a reporter got killed.

The news is a fruit which is not plucked from the trees, the reporter has to dig deeper and deeper for this fruit, the fruit of facts and truth which we get daily comes after a great effort done by a reporter. All the Latest Political News in India is an example of good and honest news reporting, there always be a political vendetta between political parties, corrupt and honest politician, scams, but a reporter cannot cover only the positive stories just to keep every politician and bureaucrat happy. There always be a politician/bureaucrat/businessperson who will not like a particular news story, but this should never stop a reporter from honest journalism.

It doesn’t matter what news medium you are reporting for, it can be either a news channel, a newspaper or it can be an online news website, but the reporting should always be completely unbiased and should serve its purpose, i.e tell the truth to the people. A news reporting is not easy, especially the ground reporting, which is done from various locations, such as war zone and other extreme locations. From latest international news headlines to a small cricket update every news requires a prompt reporting, and that cannot be achieved without a team of good news reporters. Whenever you see a news update on your phone or on the TV screen, remember that you are looking at the work of a reporter.


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