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Better physiotherapy with PEMF therapy

Most traditional physiotherapy interventions involving manual physical  movement are slow and have limited effectiveness.  We are now seeing a new dawn for physiotherapy with magnetic field therapy devices. Learn why physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths & orthopedists should adopt it.

Better physiotherapy with PEMF therapy

Monday July 31, 2017,

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Most traditional physiotherapy interventions that involve muscle stretching and joint movement are slow and have limited effectiveness. PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy changes all this, through hundreds of trials it has been shown to improve the health of patients with chronic illnesses and induce faster healing for injuries.

Worldwide chiropractors and physiotherapists are rapidly adopting this form of magnetic therapy. With a success rate of 96%; it will immensely increase the quality of your service and clients will come knocking over and over. More than a hundred thousand people worldwide have a PEMF device now and you can find hundreds of reviews online.

Why you should use PEMF in Physiotherapy

As a physiotherapist, you will deal with lots of patients having chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis as well as neurological conditions such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and also stroke survivors. All these ailments cause immense physical and mental pain as well as cause difficulty in mobility.

PEMF therapy Research shows, PEMF therapy can improve recovery time by up to 300% for fractures. It's great for mental health problems like depression and insomnia and at the same time provides cutting edge neuro-regenerative effects. Don't get us wrong, magnetic field therapy can be very effective for pain management, it's just that the regenerative effect of PEMF is much superior.

Here is how it works; Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (usually with few hundred Gauss power and between 1 to 20 Hz) are directed to parts of body such as the head or joints or even the whole body. It results in increased blood supply and oxygen utilization by all cells. They are able to regenerate and detox faster replacing damaged cells and thus relieving symptoms.

pemf therapy physiotherapy

Even in situations where the disease has not been under control for a long time PEMF therapy is still effective. This is a big advantage over the rest of the therapies where the duration of illness limits treatment effectiveness considerably.

All the user needs to have is to have a portable PEMF device. And the right instructions on which program modes, frequencies and power to use. PEMF-devices.com is a good resource to compare different PEMF therapy brands. PEMF devices are very easily accessible and affordable now, you can buy them anywhere online.

For those with minor muscle injuries such as muscle tears healing is significantly faster. This is especially an added bonus if you are dealing with high net worth clients such as sports personalities. Time is of great importance to them and with PEMF therapy they will value their sports physiotherapist's services more.

The faster healing is attributed to increased vessel and cellular permeability. Nutrients and energy are brought faster to the site of injury and waste removed faster. Additionally, the normal cellular potential is re-established thereby restoring normal cellular functioning after a few times of using the PEMF device.

You must have experienced the difficulty in treating elderly patients with fractures. It usually takes up to three months for healing to start. With PEMF therapy fracture healing is significantly faster.

Application of low-intensity electromagnetic waves has been used in the US for non-union fracture since 1979 and in eastern europe from more than 5 decades.

Like the story of many physiotherapists, patient’s pain must be causing sleepless nights. Not anymore, PEMF therapy helps reduce any type of pain fast. You can also use it for its mental health benefits and drive away sleep problems with ease.

Conclusion - PEMF devices are some of the best physiotherapy equipments

Adopting PEMF does not require much. Once a physiotherapist has tried and experimented with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, it's easy to apply it for healing. Learn about its advantages and help others find the right equipment. Some popular brands such as Biobalance and FlexPulse have reliable products and great support for professional practitioners such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, sports medicine and fitness professionals. It doesn't matter if you are in India or Australia, indeed, PEMF therapy should be part of adjunct protocol for physiotherapists today.