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Why Reading This Blog is the Best Thing that can Happen to You this New Year

New Year trips are a thing now. Instead of spending the New Year's Eve partying, the millennial crowd and the older crowd is travelling to places.

Why Reading This Blog is the Best Thing that can Happen to You this New Year

Thursday December 01, 2016,

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New Year trips are a thing now. Instead of spending the New Year's Eve partying, the millennial crowd as well as the older crowd are travelling to new places to ring in the New Year. Instead of bar hopping, people are trekking, star gazing and island camping, or relaxing in an exotic getaway resort. The New Year experience has become all about tours and travels. And that brings us to the topic of this blog, solo vs group trips.

Once upon a time, taking a solo trip was considered a taboo. Today, it's a trend to do solo trips simply because the travellers are discovering what it feels like to discover a new place with complete freedom and in their own terms.

Solo trips are self-indulgent. You can rent a Harley Davidson and exploring a new city on your own. Or you could simply explore a historical monument on your own accord. The choices are plenty.

Coming to group trips, these are still a thing. But if you are like the people who think group trips are about hopping in and out of a guided tour bus, you are wrong. If you are a new traveller, a group trip might be ideal as well.

If you ask experienced travellers, they will all tell you that travelling in a group has its own perks. We picked out some of the top perks of traveling in a group and made a chart out of it. Cool, right?

Whether you are planning on solo New Year trips or group New Year trips, we have select three of our best solo and group trips to make things easier for you.

Top 3 Solo New Year Trips

Temple Run

Enjoy a guided tour of the 13th century Chennakesava at Somnathpur and the 14th century Vaidyanatheswara temple at Talakadu. These temples are famous for the Queen's curse and you definitely want to know more about it.

Say Hello to Little Squirt

Witness the spectacular march of the baby turtles in the Velas Village and experience nature at its marvellous best. The turtle festival consists of the Olive Ridley turtles, the smallest and most abundant of turtles.

Take Flight, Ace

You can turn your childhood dream of flying an aeroplane into reality. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take the flight controls of a microlight plane in your own hands with the expert guidance of the pilot.

Top 3 Group New Year Trips

Be one with Nature

Spend the weekend with your friends and family catching up in this undulating hilltop cloaked in green. The hilltop of Matheran offers panoramic vistas and is a beautiful, serene place to experience nature in its entirety.

Camp at a Biological Camp

Looking for a peaceful getaway? The Bannerghatta Nature camp is perfect for this. Spend your weekend amidst 25,000 acres of preserved forest, which serves as a rehabilitation facility for lions and tigers and enclosure for other wild animals.

Adventure Trek

It's time to get ready for adventure in India. Enjoy the thrill of treks as you are transported to a whole new world of history, thick jungles, and remote depths of north-east India.

New Year Trips with Frogo

Be it adventure tours in India, gourmet experiences or fine dining, tours and getaways to select places in India, Frogo has it all. Whatever you plan to do this New Year, be sure to make it an experience that you will remember for ages to come.


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Come, explore, and experience the world around you. It's as they t adventure is out there.

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